You Don’t Have to Use Laundry Detergent

Extensive laboratory testing has determined the functionality, reliability and durability of magnetic laundry products. These laundry detergent alternatives are set to alter forever the way we do our laundry while protecting the environment and our families.

The days of using harsh toxins and petro based chemicals to clean your soiled clothes can really be over after using this new system.

You won’t need to spend time self-installing, and there are no complicated components to install. Once you have purchased the system, its easy to place the components into your washer, add soiled clothes, water, and set the washing machine to start. Its simplicity is hard to believe. And the clothes really do come clean, despite the lack of chemicals being used in the washing process.

No matter what kind of dirt your clothes have accumulated throughout the day, the magnetic laundry system can get them as clean and fresh as ever. Whether you work with machinery, on farms, or have children, the combination of magnetism and water in this system will clean your dirty clothes without the use of traditional laundry detergent.

The magnetic properties that are the backbone of this laundry system, were first recorded way back in the early twentieth century. There is no secret behind this product, but it is the application of the magnetism with water into the washing machine that makes this so unique in so many ways.

It is a common misnomer that soap or detergent cleans clothes, when it is actually just water. And when the powerful magnetic force is applied with water, the results are as amazing as ever. We have all be taught that in order to get and keep out clothes clean and free of stains, we need to use detergents, and the stronger the better. Once you have purchased the magnetic laundry system, there will be no secret to how much you love the product and how well it actually works on even the toughest grime.

Water in nature’s cleanser; its powerful properties can corrode a landmass like the Grand Canyon. When a catalyst works alongside water, like in saponification, it can be used to clean things very effectively. This is the same principle behind the magnetic laundry system in which this powerful process casts aside detergents and replaces it with good, old-fashioned nature! Magnetic saponification created an effect in water so that the molecules cling to the dirt on your clothes and carries them off. There is no need to look any further for the next great cleaning product. It has existed right in nature all along.

Do your bit for the environment ! Simply changing the way you wash your clothes will make a world of difference.

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