Workwear Laundry Services By Natalie Eastaugh

Having a smart, clean uniform is an important part of any corporation’s image. Having a uniform is primarily, more than anything, a means of showing the staff that they belong and are of the company, however many uniforms are also functional and job-specific. There are private firms that cater for the┬álaundry of workers uniforms for corporations. To avoid the workwear uniforms being damaged or lost; businesses can contract a laundry service to wash all the workforces’ clothes on a specific day each week. It can also boost the workers moral and sense of being valued, in the knowledge that the company they work for has their uniform washed on their behalf. An outsourced laundry company can collect, wash and then return a batch in one day. They typically specialize in garment processing, which includes cleaning boiler suits, trousers, jackets, warehouse coats, tabards, bib ‘n’ brace (which are also known as dungarees or overalls), chef’s whites, trousers, polo shirts and work shirts. It is a comprehensive list of services that caters to the needs of most any company.

In addition to this, some provide further services such as embroidery. This is because having the companies badge or logo embroiled onto the uniform looks professional and enhances the corporate image. However it is a time consuming and potentially expensive to do, so therefore the outsourced laundry companies offer this additional service which compliments washing the uniform in that it about showing pride in the workforce. They also offer locker services, in which they can have all of the workwear laundry individually labelled with wearer’s name and their locker number if applicable. Some workwear laundry services also sell uniforms and replace damaged uniforms, thereby completing a comprehensive package for all the possible workwear requirements of a business. These laundry services are available to contact online via email, or over the phone.

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