Why You Need A Laundry Service By Dhorj Escusa

Machines for laundry (washing machines and dryers) are now fixtures in every household. But, what if, you don’t have a washing machine or a dryer at your place? You instantly decide to go to a laundry service.

The usual demographic who uses the laundry services primarily are the college students and the housewives who do not have the time to accommodate laundering errands at their homes, apartments, or dormitories.

Purchasing a laundry machine can be hefty to the budget; it is also a rather hefty chore. These are primarily the reasons why Laundromats and laundering services are a constant hit to the customers. Laundering is a service market. In fact, born out of these needs, aside from residential laundering services, commercial laundry services have been born.

Residential Laundry Services: 

We all know the basics of washing our clothes by separating the white ones to colored ones. But little do some people know how to manage their laundry right. Washing clothes is tricky; there are different fabrics and different caring for each. Some people just toss hard fabrics like jeans and fabrics like satin together. Do this and you’ll have to buy another satin blouse. For best solution, read the label of your apparels before tossing it to your machine, or if you don’t have the time to do your chores, head to the nearest laundry service shop.

Nowadays, most types of residential laundry service shops provide: dry-cleaning of gowns with intricate details like threads, sequence, Swarovski crystals, business suits, raincoats, and jackets; washing and drying of apparels like jeans and blouse in fabrics of satin, silk, cashmeres, embroidered, laced, cotton, nylon, etc.; bed sheets, comforters, blankets, and quilts; drapes, tapestries and rugs; leathers; suede; wools.

And since laundry services is rampant, some Laundromats offer special services like fur-cleaning; discounts for bulk loads; restoration and preservation; alterations; same-day-service; free pick up and delivery; and even heavy, dirty laundry stains removal.

Commercial Laundry Service: 

You may be confused that a residential laundry service is a commercial laundry service. First, “commercial” is a broad term, anything commercial covers all activities and relationships of industry and trade. It is true, both are commercial in a layman’s term however, Laundromats that are registered as a Commercial Laundry Service may also render services for household customers, but primarily they cater to another industry.

Commercial laundry services in a marketing-setting is a business-to-business (B2B) service. Today, commercial laundry servicesventure services to health institutions like hospitals, clinics and nursing homes; hospitality industry like hotels and vacation clubs; and industrial facilities like laboratories, etc.

Commercial laundry services strictly follow standards of cleaning and sanitation processes, after all, and especially, if they have health industry and industrial clients.

Laundry services are everywhere now. And if you are constantly in the move, always on business trips, don’t have time to do errands, or if you find sensitive and heavy clothing difficult to wash, or if you find comforters, gowns, suits, and carpets too complicated to clean, then laundry services is what you need.

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