Vinegar Uses for Laundry By Rohini Mohan

The seemingly simple household vinegar has many wonderful properties, one of them being, an exceptional cleanser for clothes. Washing laundry with vinegar gives them a new lease of life, and makes them look brighter and better.

You’ll have to give this one a test drive so as to believe it for yourself. Some of the amazing vinegar uses are that it acts as an excellent stain remover, not only does it do that, it also softens down hard water, makes stain removers and detergents work better and what’s more it gives a new lease of life to the fabrics. Though, cleaning with white vinegar is the best method to apply when dealing with clothes and other soft fabrics. Also it would be a bad idea to use vinegar as a substitute for dry cleaning as it shows absolutely no results.

White Vinegar Uses in Laundry
Here are some useful tips on vinegar uses that will help you in cleaning your laundry, better than ever before.

  • You can wash brand new clothes with ½ cubs of white vinegar or even use apple cider vinegar as a substitute. This will help remove any harsh chemicals that may have been used for treating the clothes during its manufacturing process.
  • It helps in removing hard water stains with vinegar. These stains are extremely tough to deal with and they leave rust brown stains that destroy the beauty of the garments.
  • Vinegar removes all traces of detergent residue from the clothes , which helps in avoiding soap stains to show once the clothes dry.
  • Vinegar helps in carpet cleaning at home. It is the easiest to use vinegar to clean carpet stains! All you need to do is to spray ample amounts of vinegar from a spray bottle on the carpet and leave it be for about ½ an hour. Then scrape the dirt off with a carpet brush using a small garden hose pipe.
  • Clean your clothes by pouring the vinegar into the laundry load, which will simultaneously ensure that the clothes as well as the machine get cleaned
  • Vinegar in laundry disinfectant can be supplemented with 1 tablespoon of baking soda and detergent to give a better result in cleaning tougher and thicker fabrics such as sweaters and blankets.
  • One of the unique vinegar uses is that it softens the fabrics making them very comfortable to wear. It is also excellent for cleaning sensitive fabrics such as lace, silk, satin, velvet and chiffon. Though these fabrics need not be soaked, all you are required to do is to dip the clothes once in the liquid and then wash under cold running water. Do not rinse these fabrics as they will get wrinkled or may even tear, so simply let the clothes dry off on their own.
  • White vinegar works wonders in efficiently removing sweat stains and bad odor from the clothes, especially perfume stains from expensive clothes and the odor that follows with it.
  • It also removes tough oil stains such as mustard stains, pickle stains, grease stains, mud and even certain fruit stains.
  • Even the washing machine gets disinfected and looks much more cleaner after using vinegar in the clothes. There is no harm in mixing some vinegar in the water and letting it spin in the wash tub for 15 minutes, without adding clothes. This will make your washing machine look so much better, minus the mildew and dirt spots. Learn about cleaning with vinegar and how it can be used on almost all household appliances.
  • Vinegar also helps in disinfecting baby clothes and reusable diapers as ill kills the germs. If you prefer you may add a bit of baking soda as well.
  • Cleaning leather garments is a very tedious task and not to mention risky as the fear of damage is always lurking. But vinegar makes it look so simple, all that needs to be done is to mix some vinegar and linseed oil and the gently rub the concoction into the leather. Leave it be for 15 minutes and then gently polish it dry with a soft fabric cloth.
  • One of the many vinegar uses is that it helps settle the colors on fabric, especially those that have been dyed.
  • It is believed that vinegar removes the holes left behind by seams and hems. The way to go about this process is to place a damp vinegar dipped cloth under the garment and then to iron the affected area on mild heat.

Well hopefully this article explains the various vinegar uses in detail. Rest assured that the end results will yield sparkling clean results without any side effects for your clothes or your machine.

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