Tips on Washing Your Baby’s Laundry

Are you about to become a new mom? If so, you most likely will be the one tending to your baby’s laundry. Washing your baby’s laundry does need more attention than your own or your other family members.

Your relatives likely have given you some advice on every part of baby care; however, you have probably not received any information on how to care for your baby’s laundry. Here are some tips to caring for your baby’s laundry that will make it as painless as possible.

Myths about Washing Baby’s Laundry

If you are similar to most new mothers, you are thinking about what you can use, or do, or not do when washing your baby’s laundry. You may have been advised against mixing your laundry with the babies, however that is just a myth and it is certainly okay to mix. You are probably glad to hear you can do both tasks at once.

Mixing Laundry Successfully

There is an exception to combining baby’s laundry with the rest of your households laundry. You should switch to a non-fragrant colorless laundry detergent, if you are not currently using one. You do not have to buy expensive laundry soap that is special for babies laundry unless your baby has experienced an allergic reaction to the regular detergent. You should not take the chance of having your infant developing a rash. Use a laundry soap that will not harm your baby’s skin and one your family will enjoy as well.

What not to Combine

Baby’s laundry should never be washed with any household members clothing that has chemicals, smoke, minerals, or even excessive dirt. Your construction worker husband’s work clothes is a perfect example.

As well, if you use cloth diapers, wash them separately from both the family’s laundry and the baby’s laundry. Do not use bleaches, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets because these can reduce the useful life of your baby’s clothing, and even lessen the potency of the flame retardant chemicals in your baby’s sleepwear.

List of what to Wash

Washing your baby’s laundry can be a huge task, probably larger than washing your own laundry and that of the rest of your family as well. You baby’s laundry list:

* Articles of Clothing

* Towels

* Washcloths

* Bibs

* Burping clothes

* Crib sheets

* Receiving blankets

* All other bedding

* Stuffed animals

* Play pen pads and fabrics

* Car seat and stroller linings

* Your own Shirts

As you can see, just about anything that will come into contact with your baby’s sensitive skin requires washing with some extra care. Always check the tags on your baby’s washables for any special instructions and stick to the detergent that works best for you.

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