Six Ways to Save on Laundry by john_dihl

Every people should wash its cloth to keep their body clean. Mud, food, milkshake, coffee, and others could make our cloth dirty. Washing the cloth with laundry is very expensive. That is why some mom prefers to wash the cloth.

However the wash machine costs expensive. You should also pay the electricity and the water. The machine needs electrics to operate the machine and it needs water to wash and to rinse the cloth. You also need detergent to clean the cloth that it is not cheap.

If you are tricky you can save on electricity and water. Here are these tips.

1. Use the save water wash machine

The machine needs less water than ordinary machine. Therefore, you can save some dollar on it. They efficiently use the water in cleaning the cloth. It does not waste the water. I have read that a save water can reduce the water up to 90%.

2. Do not wash two or three pieces cloth in wash machine

You can use your hand to wash few cloths. Do not ever to wash few cloths with wash machine because you will throw the water and the electric so much. You have to wait until the cloth is full for the wash machine tube. The machine will works efficiently when you full it with cloth.

3. Use Save energy wash machine

Be sure that the wash machine that you use is save energy. It does not suck your electric power. Buy the wash machine that has star energy sign because it could save electricity and water in a half.

4. Use the shortest cycle washing

If you just a common clerk, your cloth is not too dirty. You can use the shortest cycle washing to save the energy and water. However, if your cloth is so dirty, you can use the longer cycle or you can soak the cloth first and then you can wash it.

5. Buy Generic Detergent

Some detergent is very expensive. They promote that the detergent can clean the cloth efficiently or it can return the color of cloth. They may be true but they sell the detergent at high price. If you are clever, you can buy the generic brand that can clean your cloth.

6. Wash in cold style

It can reduce the energy. You can use the warm water when your kids play on the dirty place. Your kids have the heavy soiled clothing.

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