Save Money from Laundry Cleaning

Cleaning laundry daily can be a great financial expense.  There are many techniques available that can cut the costs of doing laundry at home dramatically.  In this article, you’ll find several great tips to reduce your laundry costs.

You can achieve incredibly savings simply by paying attention to how much detergent you’re using in each load.  Most detergent manufacturers suggest the over-use of laundry detergent.  By ignoring the recommended amount and using only what you really need to get your clothes clean, you can cut your laundry detergent costs significantly.  The same rule applies to the use of fabric softener and dryer sheets – the recommendations on the label are not always accurate! In fact, overuse of chemicals such as detergent and fabric softener can damage clothes and reduce their durability over time.

It is also very important to understand that you do not always need to use hot water in order to get your laundry clean and smelling fresh.  Often times, using cold water is just as effective as using hot water, especially if you use a detergent that is specially formulated for lower water temperatures.

Drying time is another place to cut your expenses.  Reducing the amount of time the dryer runs will have a massive impact on how much electricity is used, which decreases the amount of money spent on each load.  It is not always feasible to line dry your linens and clothes outside, but there are many options available that make line drying inside a possibility.  Some of these methods involve the use of drying racks, which are readily available and relatively inexpensive to purchase at most stores. Proper planning can ensure that clothing being line dried will be ready to wear when needed.

Over-washing clothing is also a common misstep in the world of doing laundry.  It is not necessary to wash all clothing after just one use.  For example, a towel can be used twice without sacrificing sanitation.  Blue jeans can often be worn two to three times before washing; in fact, many expensive blue jean manufacturers advise against washing their jeans at all! The cost associated with doing laundry for a large family can be cut significantly by merely making a few lifestyle changes.

For better or worse, laundry remains a reality of life.  Therefore, understanding all the options and techniques available in cutting costs is a big deal.  It is in the best interests of your clothing and your pocket book to learn new techniques for doing laundry.

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