Polyester Fabric Care By Geeta Dhavale

Polyester fabrics last longer, if you maintain them well. This article shares some insights on polyester fabric care that would help you keep the same clean and new for many days.


Use of Polyester Fabric

I would like to draw your attention to some of the positive aspects of polyester fabric. Polyester is a synthetic fabric which is extremely easy to clean. Another advantage of this fabric is its durability compared to other wearable fabrics. It reached the heights of popularity in 1970s due to its easy-to-wear appeal. Other benefit of polyester fabric is that it holds its form well and can survive mold and mildew damage efficiently. It is also mixed with other fabrics to lend wrinkle resistance. Due to these advantages, it is used extensively by people across the world, be it outfits, garments, linens, curtains, or upholstery. The demand for this fabric is still high but people hardly know how to care for polyester fabrics. To know more about the same, read on…

Care Instructions for Using Polyester Fabric

Though polyester is strong and tough, it is not the easiest fabric to remove stains from. Polyester is heat sensitive and so ironing or heating the fabric would make it impossible for you to remove the stains. Being sensitive to high temperature, the heat can cause this fabric to melt, shrink, loosen, discolor, or deform, etc. which is mostly irreversible. So, you must follow some basic polyester fabric care tips that would allow your polyester fabric to remain fresh without losing its original size, shape, color, and design.

  • Remove the stains on polyester fabric as soon as possible. The quicker you remove the less damage is caused to the fabric.
  • Do not expose the stained fabric to heat or iron as this would strengthen the stain making stain removal procedure challenging for you.
  • Use a pretreater such as fabric softener to avoid it from getting stiff, starchy, and hard. It would also avoid the build up of static electricity on synthetic fabrics.
  • Use heavy duty detergents to remove stains but do not overdo it.
  • Always use cold or warm water to rinse and wash stains and on the polyester fabric.
  • The strong spin cycle in the washing machine can cause this fabric to get wrinkled.
  • You can dry this fabric under the shade. If not, remove the fabric promptly after its dry, to avoid unwanted creases.
  • If you are using the electric clothes dryer, then use the low heat setting to avoid creases or melting of the fabric.
  • Generally, polyester fabrics do not require ironing, but if you want to, then use a warm iron.
  • Always turn the polyester knit garments inside out before washing to avoid snugs.
  • Do not wash this fabric with other fabrics that lose color.

With the above polyester fabric care instructions, you know how to maintain polyester fabrics and keep them clean. But remember that reaction of fibers in garments is subjected to stain removing products and the process of laundering. So you must refer to labels and hang tags before giving it to laundry for cleaning or ironing polyester fabrics. This would serve as one of the important precautionary polyester fabric care tip that would help you keep your polyester fabrics new for longer.

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