Myths About Laundry By Izabella Hurst

Doing the laundry is annoying but not very hard task to deal with. Nowadays, with all these washing machines and dryers doing the laundry is pretty easy task. Here are some myths about the laundry that you do not need to worry about any more.

Laundry raised many questions and there are a lot of unfounded myths about how you should wash your clothes.

House cleaning Sydney professionals offer you some tips on how you should wash your clothes to keep them in good condition:

  • If the clothes are very dirty you have to add more detergent.

This is not a good idea. Too much detergent will not rinse properly, will attract dust and is hard on textile fibers. Use the recommended amount each time. Add some baking soda, in case that clothes are very dirty.

  • You must always use chlorine with white clothes

No! Chlorine only whiten and disinfect 100% cotton fabrics. For clothes that contain other material or color, use oxygen-based bleach. Another thing that you can do to whiten up your yellowish clothes is to add fresh lemon juice and baking soda in the washing machine while doing the laundry.

  • Washing clothes in cold water does not make them clean.

False. Besides towels, linens and arrives, washing in cold water is fine.

  • Clothes shrink in the washing machine

Clothes are shrinking in the dryer, not in the washing machine, remind you domestic cleaning Sydney professionals. If it is a better idea to let them dry outside and use the dryer as the last option.

  • Sorting clothes is not necessary

Sorting clothes is necessary. Products “colour management” are not reliable. Wash whites separately, black and coloured.

  • You cannot do anything to freshen the colour of jeans that have faded

Try to wash your jeans with vinegar to give them a splash of colour.

It is a good idea to use natural and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions when doing the laundry, especially if you have small children at home. Some of the commercial laundry detergents contain toxins that may cause asthma and allergic reactions and this can harm your and your family’s health. Another advantage of green cleaning solvents is that they can easily be prepared at home and they are also cheaper than the house cleaners that you buy from the store. This way you will save money and have healthy home at the same time.

How to Remove Laundry Stains By Deidra Michelle Ruiz

There are just some people who are stain magnets, no matter how hard they try to keep their clothes clean. And as we all know, this can be such a disaster for those who do their own laundry. If you are one those stain magnets, or simply know one who is, then this article will surely help you out. Below are some tips on how to remove a stain.

Some commercial products promise to be miracle workers and wipe out stains on clothes instantly. But some laundry products have toxic ingredients that are very harmful and also sometimes leave unwanted spots on your clothes. This is why the best way still on how to remove laundry stains is through organic products.

You would actually just need two items to effectively remove most stains: Ivory soap and scrub brush. Ivory is perfect for most stains and most fabrics as it has an almost neutral pH and does not have additives, deodorants, and even moisturizers. You may opt to use other mild soap but choose one that is not colorful and moisture- and perfume-laden.

So how to remove a stain using a bar of Ivory? Wet your clothes with cold water then rub the soap directly on the stain. Rinse afterwards. If simply rubbing the soap does not work, do it again – but before rinsing, soak the fabric for 30 minutes on cold water with a bit of dissolved detergent. If the stain remains after rinsing, gently scrub the stained area with a scrub brush. If all else fails, then pour a small amount of color-safe bleach on the stained area.

This method works wonders on most laundry stains but there are, as in everything, exceptions to the rule. For some known stains, other organic products are recommended. Following are some common stains and ways on how to remove them effectively.

Coffee and tea. Both are two of the most stubborn stains known to men but the key is knowing that both are also very easy to remove if washed immediately with soap and cold water.

Fruit. Fruit stains can be easily removed by squeezing some lemon juice on them and washing the clothes with a bar soap.

Mildew. This is one of those few stains that should actually be soaked on warm water. Use oxygen bleach when soaking the fabric then make sure you dry it under the sun.

Oil and grease. This type of stain is best removed by applying either baking soda or cornstarch on the stain.

Rust. Simply make a solution of one part lemon juice and one part water then soak the stained fabric on it for 30 minutes. Stay away from chlorine bleach when removing this type of stain.

Sweat stains. The best way on how to remove a stain like this is to line dry the shirt under direct sunlight.

Even with the numerous laundry products in the supermarket, the best way to remove laundry stains is still through organic means.


What are the Importance of a Drop Laundry, Ironing, and Dry Cleaning Services? By Nathan Nwachukwu

There are times when you may need to outsource your laundry to a business for whatever reason it may be. That is when laundry services in London come in handy. These services will clean and garment within a reasonable amount of time. Whether you just need to get a shirt clean for a job interview or get a dress cleaned for a special event, or you own a business and need a load of towels done, these tasks can be accomplished by dry cleaning services and laundry services in London. If you don’t have the time to drop off or pick up the laundry, drivers are willing to provide this service for you. Or, if you have super delicate clothing items that cannot be laundered at home, taking to them to a service is a good idea. There are many of these businesses all over London so you have quite your pick, no matter what area you may be in.

Sometimes, laundry services may not do a great job. The service may not be prompt, or they may not offer delivery. Or even worse, they can lose your garment and claim no responsibility. Luckily, there are many quality laundering services which will have your garments cleaned within a couple of days or less if necessary. You can also count on express delivery, so there is no need to transport the laundry to the shop on your own. Express service is available if you need your laundry in a rush. In addition, if you need your clothing or linen to be in especially pristine condition, there are many ironing services in London that will do the job. Great for hotels that have loads of linen that need to look presentable for guests, or for professionals that need a specific crease ironed in to their pants or shirt to have a regulation uniform.

You can have a variety of garments laundered at professional services. They can range from your shirts, table linen and other household linen, any dry clean only items, curtains, shoes, luggage, carpets, and you can also have garments and other things repair and altered. Things like table linen get dirty fairly easily, so this service is especially useful for restaurants, hotels and catering halls. Restaurants can go through a lot of table linen in a week, so having a professional laundry service will keep them prepared to have a presentable restaurant for their customers. Even homeowners can take advantage of this, since a lot of table linen can’t be laundered in a regular sized washing machine. The London dry cleaning services especially come in handy, given that dry clean only clothing is a challenge to clean at home.

So for all of your laundering needs, definitely contact a laundering service. Get your clothing and linen and other washable items looking like new. It’s convenient, cost effective, and will save you lots of time and worry. And getting them cleaned professionally will definitely make your garments and linen last much longer.

How has Internet Changed Laundry Services? By Nathan Nwachukwu

When they say that the internet has changed the world, you may not have considered the traditional laundry service to have been affected. However, laundry services London residents have used for many decades has undergone a revolution thanks to the internet. What was once a coin-operated business is now adding the services of the internet to allow people to purchase online.

Laundry services London are currently in the process of adding new internet technology for payment and monitoring of their washing and drying machines. In today’s world this makes sense as more people use credit and debit cards to pay for everyday items and services. The internet has now spread to the laundry services London industry with tremendous results.

Payment: Instead of having to haul around a bag full of coins or hope to get the cashier to make change for you, the customer can instead run their credit or debit card into the card reader and have the charge made to their account. Simple, straightforward and very effective, this system also allows coins if they wish. For residents of flats, dorms and living centers this represents new convenience as they simply have to carry their credit or debit card with them. There are other advantages as well which include;

  • No coin boxes to steal: Having coins stolen from the coin boxes is one of the most common thefts in London and around the world. Laundry rooms are seldom monitored and breaking into even the most secure coin box can take only seconds, meaning a small profit for the robber and many headaches for the laundry service as well as the housing or property manager as they have to spend money for repairs and often more money on monitoring service. Internet service boxes carry no coins or money and have no intrinsic value to the would-be thief, making them a safer choice.
  • Convenience: Customers can choose to either pay at the machine or online at a central payment system, meaning that they can use their mobile devices to pay for laundry service which they can verify at the machine. Simple, effective and convenient, the internet has certainly changed the way we pay for laundry service.
  • Monitoring: Whether you are a property manager or resident you can now utilize the internet to check the laundry service in your facility. This unique monitoring program now makes it more convenient for residents to check what is happening at the laundry room and for property managers to monitor the payments that have been made.
  • Property managers: You can now see the increase in profits online without having to check the coin boxes. Review all the transactions that have been made and track the results over the past several months. This way, you can see the amount of traffic to the laundry room and where you can make improvements to increase your bottom line.
  • Residents: Have you ever walked all the way to the laundry room only to see all the machines being used? Now you can check online to see if any machines are open before you leave your room. Plus, you can check to see when the machines are finished.

Dry Cleaning is Popular And Integral Part of Laundry Services By Moscow Gordeeva

Laundry services include various types of cleaning jobs done on the clothing of the clients. Dry cleaning is one of the popular and integral parts of it.

Usually laundry services offer both wet cleaning and dry cleaning. However, the later is assuming greater popularity and importance these days in comparison with the former.

What is Dry Cleaning?

Basically dry cleaning is the process of cleaning clothes and costumes that are performed using special machines and substances. These substances used for cleaning as well as the machine will not disturb the finishing, quality, or color of the fabrics that are cleaned using the process.

Why is the Process Preferred?

Wet cleaning very often result in diminishing the life span and decor of the fabrics by affecting adversely the colors and quality. This does not happen when the dry cleaners are used. The process is used on the garments using the care and instructions that are provided by the textile manufacturers and have become an important part of general laundry service.

Pre-Tested Process

Usually dry cleaning is pre-tested process where the cleaning process and the materials used are pre-tested to prevent damages to garments and fabrics used. One of the important aspects of testing is to ensure that the fabric does not shrink unusually after dry cleaning.

Origin of the Process

It was found on experimenting that removal of stains on fabrics and garments worked substantially faster after pouring and evaporation of petrol based liquid on greasy fabrics. This essentially was the point that gave birth to the concept of dry cleaning. It also replaced the past system of using lye, water, ammonia and clay to remove oil in the garments. The first laundry service with such dry process of cleaning was opened by Jolly Beling in Paris.

How it is performed?

The process is performed using solvents to remove soils as well as stains on the garments on fabrics. While the name is dry, the process of cleaning is not. Instead of water, solvents are used for the cleaning process.

Who Performs the Process?

Usually it is a learned and qualified cleaner who can perform the task in an efficient manner. These persons have knowledge and skills for performing the operations for cleaning of business and home use fabrics and garments. They are also apt in the use of cleaning tools and material handling used for the purpose. Large laundry service usually maintains a team of proficient cleaners who can carry out big and bulk tasks easily and conveniently. The team should have knowledge of starching and processing textiles, leather, and foam products. Generally, the dry cleaning master will perform the functions commensurate with the general operating principles of the organization and regulations applicable on workers.

Organizing the Work

It is essential properly organizing the work carried out in the laundry service before taking up the cleaning work. Obtaining the information on the stains if any from the customer would be the best course and the cleaner must pay attention to the color, texture, designs of the fabric or garments and types of stains that are confronted.


Dry cleaning is better for the health of the fabric on which it is applied by any laundry service. City centre dry cleaners provides all dry cleaning and laundry services from a full wash, iron and fold service.


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