The Best Ways to Make Your Clothes Cleaner By Nathan Nwachukwu

Have you ever wondered why some people’s clothes always look great and sparkling clean. I think that apart from regular laundry services and ironing services, they also use some kinds of the hidden secrets and tips to achieve that perfect cleanliness. I made a list of tips that I have collected from certain laundry and ironing services and from my expert friends. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Know the nature of water you use for cleaning fabrics: You should first know whether you wash your fabrics in hard water or soft water. If your clothes always look greyish and dingy, or have rust spots on them, then you might be using hard water for cleaning clothes. If you think that you have a hard water supply, add a little bit of salt to water before washing your clothes.
  • Add Epsom salt to water: Epsom salt is known for improving the brightness of clothes. Therefore, just add a tablespoon of Epsom salt to every gallon of water to get the desired results.
  • Add hair conditioner: Now, this seems like a silly idea, but the thing is that it actually works. This method is particularly useful for washing of woollen clothes. Juts add a tablespoon of hair conditioner to water; it keeps the woollen clothes soft and supple. You should only use this method while hand washing the clothes, not in machine washing.
  • Use bluing, in addition to chlorine bleach: Though chlorine bleach is the latest trend in whitening the fabrics , it can weaken the’ fabric. Therefore, if you want to improve the lifespan of your clothes, use chlorine bleach sparingly. You can take help of bluing, which is an old fashion process, to whiten your clothes.
  • Use colour safe bleach: In many clothing items, you may realize that the colours of certain clothes can intermix with each other on washing. In these cases, you should never dry these clothes as it is, but always wash them again with colour safe bleach to restore the colours to their original form.
  • Use cornstarch to remove grease: Grease spots can get pretty difficult to remove sometimes. The perfect solution is to use cornstarch or even the baby powder before washing the clothes. Just sprinkle baby powder or cornstarch on grease spots before washing and then normally wash the clothes.
  • Use Shampoo: The shampoo can be used to remove the annoying rings that can be formed around the collar area.
  • Zippers: In order to improve the functionality of zippers and to make them sliding up and down smoothly, try rubbing soap over its teeth.
  • Don’t spray deodorant over your fabrics: Make sure that the deodorant dries off thoroughly before you put your shirt on.

You can use the above mentioned tips in conjunction with reputable laundry services and ironing services, to get the most outstanding results.


Networking And Laundry Services By Nathan Nwachukwu

Networking is one of the best ways to market your product and services. No amount of advertising or promotion can create an impact that is as pronounced as that of the word of mouth. The best way to spread a strong word of mouth about your product or service in the business communities is by way of networking. Networking is as important for laundry services London as it is for any other business. There are many ways in which you can do networking.

The main aim of networking is to promote your business, and develop contacts with people who might be important for your business. It involves establishing direct communication lines with the people who have some interest in your business. For laundry services London, it makes sense to create connections with their existing clients, potential clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

One of the best ways to start networking is by becoming a member of a local chamber of commerce. Every city has such associations or chambers, where people from all fields of business come together to pursue activities that may be of common interests. Laundry services London can also take to such chambers or associations for business networking. These associations conduct periodic events or road shows. Such events provide an ideal platform for businesses like laundry services London to promote their business. People who are attending such events can be your potential clients, and you get to interact with them, to educate them about your products, services or offerings.

We are living in an age of information technology. Internet has become an important part of our life and businesses. Apart from helping businesses in other ways, it has also provided an ideal platform for networking. Virtually the whole world has taken to Internet for socialising and networking. In such a scenario, the most effective, and economical way to do networking is through the internet. Internet can help laundry services London to reach out to millions of people. There is no other way in which such a vast network can be created.


Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are the most popular sites used by businesses, to spread a word about their products and services. It is not only the most effective, but also the most economical way to create business networks. For laundry services London, internet is the quickest and most convenient way to create networks that may open up a world of business opportunities.

Dry Cleaning Software – Is It For a Small Laundry Business? By Rachit Ahuja

Despite of modernization in technology which has given way to several new gadgets to ease out our lives, the dry cleaning industry is still working in the conventional way. However, there are some of the new soft-wares being developed that are potent enough to answer all dry cleaning industry requirements.These internet Laundry software ever developed should be equipped with user friendly interface that gets people used to in no time. Such software can really help save as many as 550 hours in a year in the life of a Laundry business owner.

From auto recognition of clients and client evaluation to garment tag printing and a host of other features to deal different aspects of dry cleaning business, this internet laundry software must also be packed with a number of features.With our lifestyle getting more complex by the day, it becomes difficult for a dry cleaning store owner to spend some quality time with family. This really makes Cloud based laundry software a business priority as far as dry cleaning industry goes. This internet Laundry software would allow you to keep a tab on all laundry business nitty-gritty without being physically present at the store.

Plus, if you could also assess employee performance, keep checking booking status and perform multiple other functions from any remote location where internet can be accessed, it would change the way industry works. The software should run on client-server model and make use of ‘pay for what you use’ formula. Cloud based laundry software should aim at making work hassle free and cost effective for the laundry business owners. Besides, dry cleaners also need a system that does not require regular up-gradation of software since they do not have enough time on their hands.

The laundry Business industry is in dire need of some transformation where Point of Sale system, employee management, inventory management system and customer management is all taken care of. The industry also needs to have a POS inclusive technology to take care of issuing the receipts to the clients. More like a cash register, this Internet based laundry POS Software should also keep a track of the invoices, revenue, errors and other such information.Software like this one if invented would show a radical approach for managing and operating various aspects of the business, thus transforming the basic work structure of the laundry business.


Choosing Your Laundry Company By Nathan Nwachukwu

In terms of doing your laundry, there are a variety of excellent companies that can provide a good service. These companies are all in competition with each other in qualities and value. People now hold different live styles and with the emancipation of women having to go to work and come back late in the night, doing laundry would be the last thing on ones mind. Even though you may like doing laundry yourself, being exhausted and tired you will find it a daunting task resulting in a not so good outcome. Dirty laundry littered around the house will make the house untidy and may possibly develop a fowl smell. Wearing dirty clothes is not an option. Two options are available to you. These include, employing in-house staff to complete laundry as well as other core house activities such as, cleaning and ironing. Another option is to employ a laundry company who will pick and drop your laundry. They will also be able to iron and dry-clean returning your laundry at a specific date and time that is convenient to you.

When you need the best laundry and ironing companies there are plenty available when searched for from, which can be beneficial to you. You should always select those companies which are trusted, dependable and which you have heard through referrals. A few things that need to be taken into consideration are whether the companies are fully insured as well as how long they have been in business. You need to ensure that their staffs are vetted and you would want know the distance between your house and the company. You would also want to know whether certain companies charge by the weight of the items depending on the companies concern. Some companies require payment at collection time or when the items are returned. The mode in which you can pay include cash, cheque and payment by card like debit, visa, master card, metro and american express.

Choosing the right company will ease your problems of thinking what to wear and will bring a professional touch making you confident and radiant.

Reasons To Use A Laundry Service By Mark Etinger

Some people are skeptical about going to a laundromat. They are worried that something might happen to their clothes or maybe they just don’t want to go because they don’t want to sit there for a long time while their clothes are being cleaned. But honestly, what is the other alternative here?

What people don’t know is that this is the perfect reason to use a laundromat service! Reputable commercial laundry services are responsible with your clothes and not only take good care of them but can help you out with pesky and stubborn stains. Since they’ve seen a lot of different kinds of laundry problems, they can help you out.

If you don’t want to wait around and waste your time at the laundromat, why not opt for laundry delivery and laundry pickup? This makes the time that you actually spend doing laundry each week about ten minutes. Five minutes to drop off the dirty laundry and five minutes to pick it up clean, pressed, and folded.

If that isn’t reason enough then how about the fact that if you wash your blankets and such at your parents house you first have to haul it all the way there and secondly they don’t get clean anyway? True, they come out of the dryer wet and smell like laundry detergent but the typical household laundry machine can only properly wash a load of about 12 lbs. This is the size of a basket of laundry. A queen sized comforter does not get properly cleaned in a 12 lb load limit washing machine but can, in fact, be cleaned in a commercial laundry service machine.

You also save water when you wash at a laundromat. A home laundry machine can use up to 30 or 40 gallons of water per wash load. That’s a lot of water! The eco friendly washing machines at your local laundromat are specially designed to only use about two or three gallons of water! That’s a major difference! You can make an ecological difference in the world just by taking your clothes to a laundromat.

If your only other option if toting your clothes to your parents’ house on the weekend, you should definitely look into taking your clothes to a laundry service. There’s no reason not to! It saves you time, it saves water, and gets your clothes cleanerWhat’s not to love about that?


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