Now You Can Make Laundry Day Faster and More Convenient than Ever

Convenience isn’t always a term you’d expect to be associated with laundry. One of those inevitable humdrum routines of day to day life, laundry day is one of those little tasks few of us will ever be likely to escape.

But if you feel you’ve been spending too much time sorting dirty clothes, wrangling fabric softeners and detergents or getting a handle on piles of clothes, it might be time to give your laundry room an overhaul. Read on to learn a little more about some incredibly helpful laundry-centric products that can make your laundry day fly right by.

Laundry Caddy

If you find yourself grasping for more storage in your laundry room, consider taking advantage of that inert space between the washer and dryer. The handy Laundry Caddy provides just the perfect method of keeping extra detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets and more out of sight, fitting snugly between your appliances.

Built of sturdy melamine plastic, the Laundry Caddy glides easily on two sets of dual casters and has three generous shelves of storage potential. The unit measures only 8 inches wide, 25 inches long and 31 inches high, letting it fit snugly right between most washers and dryers.

Wicker Between Washer Dryer Drawers

For a more formal or polished look, you may want to opt for this lovely set of wicker drawers, designed to fit between the washer and dryer as well. The unit has four handled drawers of varying sizes to accommodate all your extra supplies while looking great when not in use. Made of plastic and wicker, this unit measures 8 ¼ inches wide, about 19 inches long and 34 inches high.

Suction Washer Shelves

If your between appliance storage units still don’t offer enough storage space and there’s more room along the washer, consider a set of Suction Washer Shelves. This practical unit attaches to the side of any smooth appliance and offers two spacious shelves, each 18 inches long and 8 ½ inches wide, for additional storage.

A great way to hide away detergents and more, the Suction Washer Shelves are built of sturdy coated wire and have a small ledge at the top to provide extra support for heavy loads. Make laundry day just a bit simpler and more organized with this great shelving unit today.

Chrome Laundry Center with Hampers

Of course, it’s always great to check out the top of the line models when it comes to any product-based endeavor. The Chrome Laundry Center with Hampers offers just about everything you’re likely to need to get your laundry processed as quickly and painlessly as possible.

The unit, constructed of solid chrome coated metal tubing, offers three sorting bins, a shelf at the top and a hanger rod, to make your job as easy as possible. Since the whole unit is mounted on sturdy rolling casters, you can keep it in the bedroom or bathroom through the week and roll it right to the laundry room when the bins are full.

The bins themselves are made of heavy duty canvas and hang from a rack on the lower half of the unit. They make it a cinch to separate your lights, darks and delicates as you discard them, eliminating a tedious sorting step when it’s time to do the laundry. Keep the rod well stocked with hangers so you can hang items straight from the dryer and place folded clothes on the upper shelf before wheeling it all back to the bedroom for unloading. Doing laundry has never been simpler!

Over Door Laundry Hanger

However, not all of us have the luxury of a laundry room or bathroom that can accommodate a large organizing unit. For those launderers who are a bit cramped for space, creating storage space where there once was none is a good strategy for making your life a little easier. The hinged Over Door Laundry Hanger provides a solid home for 10 hangers come folding time to make the process go a bit quicker.

Over the Door Iron Board Holder

If you are a more particular launderer than most, the Over the Door Iron Board Holder may strike your fancy. This great unit installs in seconds over any door and provides a dedicated spot for your iron, a water bottle and a can of starch, not to mention a mount sturdy enough to hold any standard T frame style ironing board.

With the help of a few thoughtfully designed organizing products, you can stop dreading laundry day and look forward to an efficient, clean workspace where you can get the job done in short order. Consider picking up a few of these great organizers today to help you get your whites, colors, fabric softeners and detergents in order.

Andy Freed is a freelance writer who writes about home maintenance with products such as laundry room organizers


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