Laundrypure Solves Alternative Laundry Problem By: Jodi Ouellette

Can you imagine never having to walk down the detergent isle in the grocery store again? Or not having to experience seeing the bottom of the detergent container when facing a heaping pile of dirty clothes? Have you dreamed of a day when you no longer had to deal with your detergent allergy? Alternative laundry solutions, isn’t something most of us spend too much time pondering about, since it is a task we simply have to do. As with anything on our to do list, cleaning our clothes does have it’s challenges.

The challenges of washing clothes:
1. It’s ongoing. The clothing we wear everyday needs to be cleaned.

2. It can be costly. This is a 6 billion dollar annual industry. Laundry detergent, bleach, fabric softeners, pre-treaters, etc. add up quickly. Depending on the number of household members, a typical home can spend between three hundred to six hundred dollars or more in products, without considering the price of water and energy. If you have a baby in your home, most likely you are spending even more because you have different soap, and have to sort more loads.

3. Time stealer. Considering how most people clean their clothes, sorting colors or fabrics, usually forces us to waste more time and energy.

4. It’s not easy finding the right product to avoid detergent allergy, not to mention the number of people suffering with sensitive, itchy, red skin, from detergents is much larger than you may think.

5. Replacement costs. Detergents essentially scrub the fibers of fabrics, so it causes your clothing to fade and age too soon .

6. Environmental impact. Each load of laundry produces on average 25-35 gallons of detergent laden water, emptying into our water systems. 80% of the energy consumed in laundry is used in heating the water. The number of plastic bottles in the garbage annually is in the millions..

7. Health risks. Since the rinse cycle doesn’t remove 100% of the detergent, think about how much laundry soap you absorb through your skin daily, and the fact is, there are no studies to determine how that affects our health.

You probably haven’t analyzed your costs, your time, or the health and environmental impact of washing your clothes. The fact is, you may not have even thought this was a problem, since you probably were never introduced to an alternative laundry system.

LaundryPure Solution

How is LaundryPure the answer? LaundryPure is an alternative laundry option, a green product, developed to solve the common problems associated with washing clothes. This small appliance attaches to your current washing machine, and eliminates the need for laundry detergent, and hot water. With LaundryPure, you never have to hook up the hot water, and it basically replicates natural cleaning properties with the use of oxygen and peroxide bubbles, to take the grime away without the use of abrasive detergents . This is what LaundryPure solves:

1. Eliminate laundry detergent costs.

2. Eliminate hot water energy costs.

3. Eliminate detergent containers waste.

4. You save time. No more sorting smaller loads!

5. Clothes last longer, and colors stay brighter.

6. No more detergent allergy problems.

7. Better choice for your health and our eco-system!

The LaundryPure is more economical, as it pays for itself usually by 12 months for the average family. The more laundry you do, the quicker the savings. LaundryPure is a real solution for your bank account, your health, and the environment.

Now you should be better educated about the solution. There are really just a couple of options, one is ignoring what you learned about alternative laundry and continue doing laundry the old fashioned way. Or, you can become a part of the solution by becoming a better steward of our environment, and a better advocate for healthy living. You choose.

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