Laundry Tips for Your Apartment Laundry Center

Community laundry is such a joy.

Really though, having laundry centers in your apartment community is a huge, HUGE bonus over having to go to the laundromat next to the stop and go. Although some communities actually offer laundry hookups and even washers and dryers in their actual units, most other communities offer on-site laundry centers.

There are a few really great benefits to having a community laundry center. Check it out:

1) Money Saving- Running the washer and dryer at home is convenient, but it eats up electricity and if you are constantly washing loads, you will run up your bill quite quickly. Not only that, but if you have the connections, but don’t have a washer and dryer yet, they can be quite expensive and a pain to lug up to a second or third floor apartment.

2) Noise Prevention-Then there is always the unbalanced dryer that bangs around and can cause all kinds of disturbing noise through out your building. Do you really want to be the cause of all that noise?

3) Meet People- Honestly, if you are an outgoing person…its a good place to meet your neighbors and make friends in the community.

4) Time Saver- If you can get into the laundry center when noone else is in there, you can start a few loads at once and save time by washing several loads at one time!

5) Maintenance-– If a washer or dryer breaks, it’s not your responsibility to get it taken care of.

So keep things clean and don’t be afraid to use your community laundry center. Make sure to bring a book, laptop, or good conversation topic while you wait. AND REMEMBER YOUR QUARTERS!

I think it’s time for me to wash and dry!

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