Laundry Sorters: Keeping It Simple by William Gold

Laundry Sorters are similar to Mesh Laundry Bags and are necessary containers that help organize your clothes for the wash. The most useful laundry sorters help take some of the discomfort out of your chores by providing a quick and easy way of dividing your whites from your colors from your delicates. This way, you’re on auto-pilot and can free your mind to think about other things without the risk of mixing things up and damaging your clothes.
Laundry sorters come in all kinds of makes and models for some very specific tasks, such as those common to industrial laundering plants. Most sorters intended for the average consumer and home use tend to be more alike in form and function. It would seem that there isn’t a great public demand for much ingenuity in the variety of laundry organizers available on the market. In fact, the overall class of laundry sorters in general seems to exhibit rather poor variation, with a handful of basic shapes in a smattering of typical sizes – and that’s it. The situation is unlikely to change unless people take their style of laundering more seriously!
Okay, that’s a funny (even crazy) thought, but hey, why not? Think about it: everything else has been made into an objet d’art – why not ye olde humble laundry sorter? Yes, think about it, designer laundry organizers! Luxury laundry sorters! For premium upscale high laundering – haute blanchisserie!
No, really, it would be the final frontier in fashionable furniture design. After all, they have lavish golden toilets with precious gems and fine glass, so why not something to match in the form of a rich and decadent sorter. After all, don’t the wealthy need some place for their dirty laundry? Oh, right, they do their laundering through foreign banks.
But really, it’s time for a sorter makeover! Or, to keep with the terminology of our age of advanced technology, an upgrade is in order for the old-fashioned sorter – and one may as well throw in mesh laundry bags to that order. After all, they are also way overdue for a bit of evolution. In our 21st Century of talking toilets with on-board computer chips and built-in electronic sensors, why not mesh laundry bags and laundry sorters to match?
Okay, so this is not Japan, a land of wacky gadgets and gizmos galore. And the rich don’t care about designer laundry sorters or upscale mesh laundry bags because they don’t actually have to do any laundry themselves – indeed, many never even wear the same clothes twice (and that’s a fact, Jack!). But it’s a great idea for some ambitious young designer just out of art school to make his or her name. After all, who’d ever have imagined that repeating Campbell Soup cans on a canvas could be considered art?

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