Laundry Room Organization How-tos

Many people would ask advice from the experts about what are the most effective laundry room organization tips. With a clean and organized laundry room, the daunting task of doing laundry becomes a bit lighter and easier to do.

A simple laundry room organization tip to consider is that of placing closet rods in both sides of the room or area. They will take the place of the clotheslines and they are perfect, rain or shine. They can be used as well to dry jeans, sheets and other heavy stuffs that are washed.

To install a rounded bar in the laundry area is a big help to laundry room organization as it allows for less kinks on the clothes even when they are hung and also allows for less use of the dryer. Using a dryer for an hour costs about 50 cents. If you are fond of using it two or three times each day, you can save a dollar every day and can also help to extend the life of your always overworked dryer. Besides that, the rounded bars can function as an outdoor clothesline, which lets you save a few dollars on your monthly bill.

You can also mount a rod on the dryer or washer. Bars are quite helpful in every laundry room since it suits any laundry room whatever size or shape it has. Even if your dryer or washer is inside the closet by the hall, rods can still be installed over it. This is great for drying large pieces of laundry and can be used by hanging shirts on hangers.

But aside from placing the rods, another common laundry room organization strategy that works for most homes is to put shelves under the counter alongside or under the opposite washer. Most homes would put a laundry basket in every room. What wise moms would do is to sort out clothes fresh from the dryer towards the baskets. This way everyone can easily fold and store away their laundry and it makes it easy for them to get their own laundry as well. Putting the clothes on the shelves near the washer or dryer makes it a very ideal system to make washing and sorting a lot easier and more efficient.

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