Laundry Room Cabinets

Research available accessories and styles. Think about how you want to function when working in your laundry room.

Every laundry area is different, so the best use of the space would probably involve custom cabinetry. However, there are many stock options which can be helpful, if not optimal.

Comfortable, cozy, and inviting. These words are often used to describe other rooms in a home, but never a laundry room. Considering the amount of time you spend there, shouldn’t it be comfortable as well as utilitarian.

The room should be cheery and pleasant, and capable of hiding a massive amount of built-in storage as well as several organizational features within the cabinets. Laundry room cabinets can be designed to work in just about every situation.

The wall hung cabinets can have solid doors, but glass doors would give a more open feeling. Frosted glass can obscure the contents if you prefer. Accessories can be built into the cabinetry – like a fold-down ironing board for instance. Accessories are also available which offer fold-out ironing boards that come from a drawer.

There should be space for a hamper. You can have it built-in, or simply leave a cavity for your bathroom hamper to fit into. Create enough of a counter top to provide an ample surface for folding clothes. Can you afford a small wall-hung TV? Why not look at Oprah while ironing?

A small sink cabinet will come in handy for removing those tough stains. Not a necessity, but could be convenient from time to time. There should be a few pull-out drawers for detergents and heavy items that you don’t want to be lifting into the wall hung cabinets. A few trays will help you to organize your clean clothes (socks, underwear, etc) – things that don’t get hung on hangers.

If space allows, include one tall cabinet.  This tower can house a few helpful items. In addition to more storage shelving, you can have a swing-out hanging rack behind the upper door. In the event that you don’t have space for the counter top, you could include a flip-up (or pull-out) work table in your laundry room cabinets.

Other options exist as well. You can find magnetic garment hanging racks which attach directly to your washing machine. These will hold up to 10 garments easily. More about this product can be found at

You can also find pull-out rods to hang clothes, as well as baskets or bins in various sizes. The amount of thought and preparation you put into designing your laundry room cabinets will determine how happy you are when the room is complete. It’s important that you make yourself aware of the various accessories available to you.

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