Laundry Process By: Mark Etinger

It is no secret that everyone is busy as a bee any time of year. It sometimes feels like you are only productive at work and the moment you step in door you cannot be productive for yourself. You step on the doormat, throw down your keys, and suddenly you are unable to even think about making dinner, doing the laundry, and vacuuming the rug.

That’s why a lot of people are looking at laundry pick up as a viable option. Some people are skeptical however, as they don’t know exactly what the process is when you leave your laundry for someone else to do.

Well, worry no longer. Put your feet up and read about where your laundry goes. The first step is the bag. Most laundry services will provide you with a bag with their company name on it. Put your dirty laundry into this bag and put it either outside your door or leave it with your doorman. You will have already scheduled a pickup time.

A driver will come by your house or apartment and pick up the bag. The truck may go along to pick up a few more bags like yours on the route, but don’t worry, your laundry is also marked with a tag and a specific number so that it is unmistakably yours.

Once the truck gets to the laundromat, someone will take your bag, and following any instructions you might have left with your order (separate lights and darks, etc) will launder your clothes. After the wash load, you might have asked them to NOT dry some of the items. These are placed in a separate place to air dry. Following the drying process, the person will also fold your laundry. You will be surprised at how much smaller your clothes are when they are professionally folded. While the bag might have been crammed full of clothes when you left it to be picked up, most likely, there will be extra room in the bag with it is dropped off.

The bag is also laundered so that your clothes are not placed back into a dirty bag. With your number and ID tags still in place, the driver will then put it back on the truck and drive it back to your apartment where hopefully you are eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s with your feet up. With laundry pick up and laundry delivery, you can allow yourself that luxury without feeling guilty.

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