Laundry Cleaning Tips to Remove Stains

One day you were in a coffee shop buying your favorite morning cappuccino and then someone accidentally bumps you splattering coffee over your white blouse. Your day is ruined and you have to purchase a new blouse at a nearby store and then have your blouse dry cleaned. That was before, now it’s different.

When you’re out for work, or lunch, don’t forget to bring spot removers. Instant spot removers are widely available in stores and they are reasonably priced. If you always carry one around any time of the day, you don’t have to experience the same scenario again and prevent future ones from happening. Spot removers are easy to use; just spray the product on the stain and blot it with a cloth and the stain will be removed.

Other stains like grease grass, and blood are almost impossible to remove. Stain sticks are often used to clean this kind of stains. Simply set your washer for hot water and use electricity to clean your stained clothes. Don’t forget to use you stain stick by twisting it up or down, or you can even rub them directly on the stain. These sticks blast the stains with enzymes to prevent the setting of the stain and to break it down.

The key ingredients of most stain removers are special enzymes that remove the stains. You can easily find conventional stain removers in grocery stores and you’re guaranteed that the stains will be removed. By investing a small amount of money on these stain removers, you can extend the usefulness of your clothes that are kept stain free.

These days, quality clothing is very expensive and finding just a small stain is really frustrating. But your case isn’t hopeless. If you consider the above mentioned laundry cleaning tips, you can prolong your clothes’ life and lower your bills from the dry cleaners.

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