Laundry and Trash Chutes: Installation and Benefits by DAVID HATCHER

For many types of commercial real estate properties, including apartments and hotels, installation of a laundry and trash chute can be a wise financial investment that has many benefits. Fortunately, installation of a laundry or trash chute can be a simple process when you work with experts who are able to custom design the right chute for your needs.

Installation of a Laundry or Trash Chute

A laundry or trash chute can be installed in any multi-level building where trash or laundry needs to be transported to a lower level. Laundry or trash chutes can be especially convenient in a hotel environment since housekeeping can both easily dispose of trash from cleaning rooms as well as easily sending sheets and other linens to the laundry facility. However, laundry and trash chutes are also beneficial in other applications as well. For instance, they can increase the attractiveness of rental properties or condos, allowing for higher rents to be charged or helping to reduce vacancy rates. Installation can even make sense in industrial applications and in commercial office buildings if the trash is located on a lower level.

Installation is easiest during the construction phase of a building so the building can be designed with an appropriate location for a trash and laundry chute in mind. However, laundry and trash chutes can also be installed in existing buildings that are retrofitted to allow for the transport of laundry and garbage to a lower level. When installing a laundry or a trash chute in an existing building environment, it becomes even more important to work with a company that provides custom-tailored chutes. These companies can work with you as far as the number of floors the chute must cover, as well as the design and style of the chute and its openings. A professional company that custom-tailors chutes should also be able to assist in ensuring that your new trash or laundry chute is in full compliance with all local building codes in your area.

Benefits of a Laundry or Trash Chute
Installing a laundry or trash chute makes a great deal of sense for many commercial property owners or renters, especially when installation is simple. Property owners and renters can enjoy many benefits including:

• Saved time: No more carrying laundry and trash down multiple flights of stairs.
• Health benefits. Carrying large, cumbersome loads of laundry or heavy trash can be damaging to the back.
• Money savings: If you are paying staff to clean and launder items in your building, making their jobs easier can save you money by allowing the staff to work more efficiently.
• Increased property value: Adding a laundry and/or trash chute to a rental property can make the property more attractive to renters and to potential buyers. This can translate into a lower vacancy rate, higher rental rates and even higher property values (a building that is making more in income could potentially sell for more as a result).
• Improved aesthetics for the property as there are no unsightly piles of trash in hallways. This also eliminates odors in the building which creates a cleaner environment.

These are just a few of the many benefits of installing a laundry or trash chute. Contact an expert today who specializes in the custom design of chutes to learn more about how installation would work for you.

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