Laundry Airer Makes Me Feel Self Righteous

I have to admit feeling self righteous when using my airer. It’s just like being in a sailing dinghy out on a millpond – then a gust of wind takes you away. No visible sign of energy. No engine running. No tumble dryer racket going on. Just pure bliss!

My clothes and household items dry naturally ready for ironing. In fact I can take those items, which dry quickly, off the airer when ready. Something I can’t easily do with the tumble dryer. It dries the clothes until the last item is dry. Baking dry the rest in the process!

Who would have thought that method used by my Great Grandmother would now be so useful. Of course in her day they had no electrical drying appliances except a five bar electric heater with elements exposed. Imagine the safety problems she must have experienced.

Now we have a full range of airers available to use. I particularly like the wall mounted airers which are available in expanding or concertina types. The expanding airer can hold the full wash and be closed to allow more space. I have one in my utility passageway which allows me to dry the clothes and still pass through to the garden.

The real benefit is no energy used. Every time I hang my clothes on the airer or my washing line I feel I am carbon Neutral. Not one fossil fuel will be burning anywhere as my clothes dry.

Of course the outdoor washing line is fantastic in good weather. Today this can be an expanding multi-way washing line, which is fixed over the bath. Also handy anywhere there are two opposite facing walls.

Being carbon neutral with my laundry drying has inspired me to look at other things.

Energy saving has now become a serious topic of conversation for our family. Now we can all feel good as we use our natural clothes drying airers.

Jean Forsyth also enjoys writing articles for airers4you. She has used clothes airers for more than five years and feels that she couldn’t be without hers.

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