Klen Laundry Enforces It’s Commitment To The Environment Through Conservation – TREE’S FOR T’S

Klen Laundry Enforces It’s Commitment To The Environment Through Conservation


Corona, CA

Through 2010, the earth-friendly brand of KleN Laundry has committed to plant a tree for each t-shirt sold. So the more shirts purchased, the greener your community will become. You are likely to see and enjoy more spruce, more oak, and more maple trees as KleN and the Arbor Day Foundation will plant and encourage growth throughout the nation’s forests as well as in surrounding communities.

“Working with the Arbor Day Foundation and tapping into their network of resources will spawn our ability to reduce our society’s footprint and overall impact to the environment,” commented KleN Founder Mark Froke. “To date we have planted a number of oak trees, palm trees and spruce trees. The commitment to getting KleN Trees planted in National Forests and various areas across the country is contagious. We have had an overwhelming response and support for this initiative. Many people have asked KleN to help plant trees in their neighborhoods and areas close to home in desperate need of growth and greens. For that I ask to help spread our message “Tree’s For T’s”. For every Shirt you buy, we plant a tree.”

Once a month we will purchase a number of trees equivalent to the number of shirts sold and we will continue to do this until the end of 2010 and potentially beyond.

Made from a clever mix of 68 percent bamboo, 27 percent organic cotton and 5 percent spandex, KleN Laundry undergarments are comfortable and cool. The moisture wicking, thermal regulating fabric holds up nicely after a long day at work, a furious session on the track, or a day on the mountain, KleN Laundry odor resistant properties will eliminate the funk from following you around.

KLeN Laundry was founded on specific core principles that focus on Comfort | Style | and utilizing Eco-Friendly Materials. KLeN Laundry – Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good. We wanted a company that wasn’t dirty, Our only option was to go KleN.


Eco-Friendly Materials / Naturally Anti-Bacterial / Thermal Regulating / Super Soft
Natural UV Protection / Odor Resistant Guarantee


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