How to Wash Polo Shirts By Azmin Taraporewala

Polo shirts are a signature habitue in every closet … And you must know how to maintain your polo shirts to keep them from becoming coarse and finally shrink!

The history of polo shirts dates back to the nineteenth century polo players who had shirts not very well-heeled for adorning on a heaving pony, indeed! The shirts were then replaced with long sleeved cotton mesh knit shirts that made their journey on a pony not so coaxing but all the more competitive. This does not mean that we deem polo shirts discomfort personified. All we mean is that the supposed polo shirts failed to do the needful for polo players. However, polo shirts were a sure shot ‘plus’ where style is concerned. For fashion gurus and fashion mantras, polo shirts have hit the meter marking ‘wardrobe essentials’. Perfect for a casual meet and serving ideal for a formal rendezvous, button down shirts have been the ultimate pick for a man. Women too have taken to polo panache, flaunting their robust and practical demeanor to deliver a don’t-mess-with-me attitude. For an absolute necessity like polo shirts, it is mandatory that we know about its care regimen. Here are some of the pointers that you must keep in mind when you launder a polo shirt.


Laundering Polo Shirts

When you have polo shirts with you to wash, make sure that you read the care label and then take the plunge. In my opinion, for the first few washes, make sure that you follow the wash and dry care guide thoroughly. In certain cases, you may be surprised to find that polo shirts have no specific wash cycle to adhere to. Nevertheless, it is to your polo shirt’s advantage to be rinsed with care.

Wash off the Stains First
When you have parts of your polo shirt stained, it is best to get rid of the same. Use laundry pre-treat product that will remove the stains. Leave the shirt with the stain remover for the stipulated period mentioned on the product carton. It is when the time is up, that you are free to wash off the shirt gently.

Color Coordination is Key
Well, when you are talking polo shirts, color coordination in terms of washing them is what matters to maintain their color fast quality. Make sure that the clothes you introduce in the washing machine system have color scheme close to that of the polo shirt that you have planned to launder. If you skip this vital step, you are sure to get annoyed with your indolence! So keep vigil and invest your efforts in preserving the original colors of your polo shirt. I am sure you may not appreciate viewing your polo shirt emerge out green, when it was originally white!

Material of Garments
When you wash a polo shirt, ensure that other garments that have been placed in the system do not have heavy embroidery or sequencing laced along. The polo shirt may get ruffled up and eventually become coarse if coupled with rough garments such as the one’s mentioned above. The material should thus be soft and delicate to wash. Look at the degree of dirt that the garment has endured. If the garment is heavily soiled, accompanying it with other garments may not be a good idea. Chose a detergent which is mild in nature. Harsh powders may make the polo shirt lose its quality.

Quick Drying
The drying process should not be continued for too long. It is best to expose the shirt to the low heat mode of the dryer for a couple of minutes and release it thereafter. This cycle will get some dampness out and will help the polo shirt to dry. Remove the shirt from the dryer immediately as leaving it there for long may result in crinkling of the shirt. Do not dry the polo shirt completely in the dryer as this may encourage shrinking. It is best to let it dry all by itself by placing it on a flat surface.

With these guidelines to wash polo shirts, you may now rest assured that your polo shirts have finally arrived in safe hands!

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