How to Use Laundry Ball

1. Each laundry ball is capable of cleaning up to about 60 loads of wash and per box can be repeatedly used 120 loads of wash based on a 20 minutes wash cycle. If wash cycles are shorter, the laundry ball will last even longer! Bubbles may appear in hot water washing, whilst cleaning effect is better even though wash load will be less.

2. Place load in washer. Be careful not to overload. Use one laundry ball for loads up to 3 kg, 2 balls for 3-7kgs and 3 balls for heavy loads or hard water.

3. Use the stain-remover on stubborn dirts and stains. Bleach agent may also be added to wash loads as desired. Select desired water temperature (Do not exceed 80?) and load size. There is no need to remove the laundry balls during rinse, spinning or drying cycles.

4. When laundry is finished, remove the laundry balls, dry under the sun or store in a cool, dry area in preparation for the next use. To wash by hand-closing may be presoaked for 20 minutes with the laundry ball; then be gently hand washed to complete the process.

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