How to Remove Laundry Stains By Deidra Michelle Ruiz

There are just some people who are stain magnets, no matter how hard they try to keep their clothes clean. And as we all know, this can be such a disaster for those who do their own laundry. If you are one those stain magnets, or simply know one who is, then this article will surely help you out. Below are some tips on how to remove a stain.

Some commercial products promise to be miracle workers and wipe out stains on clothes instantly. But some laundry products have toxic ingredients that are very harmful and also sometimes leave unwanted spots on your clothes. This is why the best way still on how to remove laundry stains is through organic products.

You would actually just need two items to effectively remove most stains: Ivory soap and scrub brush. Ivory is perfect for most stains and most fabrics as it has an almost neutral pH and does not have additives, deodorants, and even moisturizers. You may opt to use other mild soap but choose one that is not colorful and moisture- and perfume-laden.

So how to remove a stain using a bar of Ivory? Wet your clothes with cold water then rub the soap directly on the stain. Rinse afterwards. If simply rubbing the soap does not work, do it again – but before rinsing, soak the fabric for 30 minutes on cold water with a bit of dissolved detergent. If the stain remains after rinsing, gently scrub the stained area with a scrub brush. If all else fails, then pour a small amount of color-safe bleach on the stained area.

This method works wonders on most laundry stains but there are, as in everything, exceptions to the rule. For some known stains, other organic products are recommended. Following are some common stains and ways on how to remove them effectively.

Coffee and tea. Both are two of the most stubborn stains known to men but the key is knowing that both are also very easy to remove if washed immediately with soap and cold water.

Fruit. Fruit stains can be easily removed by squeezing some lemon juice on them and washing the clothes with a bar soap.

Mildew. This is one of those few stains that should actually be soaked on warm water. Use oxygen bleach when soaking the fabric then make sure you dry it under the sun.

Oil and grease. This type of stain is best removed by applying either baking soda or cornstarch on the stain.

Rust. Simply make a solution of one part lemon juice and one part water then soak the stained fabric on it for 30 minutes. Stay away from chlorine bleach when removing this type of stain.

Sweat stains. The best way on how to remove a stain like this is to line dry the shirt under direct sunlight.

Even with the numerous laundry products in the supermarket, the best way to remove laundry stains is still through organic means.


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