How to Manage and Managing Employees Laundry by Sudiro Husodo

At the time of initial open a laundry business, You may not require employees because it thinks that you are still able to do everything yourself. However, sooner or later, you will definitely be hiring employees in line with the growth of your business and that’s exactly what you want, right? Well, that’s when you need to understand how and what your basis in determining the appropriate employees.
Employees have an important role in the progress of your laundry business. If your employees can work in a professional manner, then your efforts will also get a good name among consumers. Conversely, if employees are not professional then no matter what business you run will get a lot of obstacles and not small business employees who have died from the act itself.
Well, apparently the key to getting professional employees is a way to manage employees. Any person who recruits or make your own employees and pemahan background is different. Especially laundry business employees who normally use only-sorry, not who should be educated as laundry work basically requires only general skills, except in certain bidang2. Well, by doing so the management of these workers might be expected to make your business more organized and professional as it is supported by the people who according to their ability in their field and bekeja in accordance with your business goals.
The following tips will help you to not let one in manage employee.
1. Choose employees who really understands his business will do. Do not carelessly because you also include employees who will be overwhelmed if it had to teach him again from the beginning or even he might not have the mood to do the job because he did not understand.
2. It is better you create a system of rank and salary, So employee You have a career path and will ensure their future will be. Employees also will be more eager to improve the quality of his work.
3. Make Additional Training
Indeed, employees who you choose should understand first what the work to be done. However, the training here is not in the sense taught from the beginning, but adds knowledge of the employees. This training is also useful for the more established familiarity and cooperation among employees. The training schedule can you say once in 3 months.
4. Create a structure and Field Work, Namely the determination or the division of tasks according to their respective fields. The organization that will either make the business run smoothly. For example, the administration set up the financial duties, employee training and development needs of employees, manage promotions and advertising, taking inventory of goods in and out of a laundry business. Part of his duty operator to set the dirty clothes, set cue point (line) clothes for washing, drying and so on.
5. Always Reviewing Employee Performance
Hold a meeting or meetings once a month to discuss and review the performance of our employees back at how the system of employment for one month so that the quality of employment can be maintained even further enhance the professionalism of the work. Also this method can be used to give warning to employees who frequently make mistakes or declining performance.
The last thing you may want to remember to manage your laundry employees.
Good management will produce qualified workers and the tip is the good name of your business. However, you also need to remember that a qualified employee also requires adequate facilities in accordance with what he needs. You should also provide the balance with the result of good work to keep the loyalty of your employees. Perhaps by giving allowances for holidays, meal allowance, or award for his work. You will not be harmed, because the good work of your employees will definitely bring more customers to your laundry business.
Do not forget to always keep the same relationship with our employees like family. This is in addition to increasing familiarity, it will also make your employees feel at home with what he was doing.

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