How to Make your Laundry Cleaner, Brighter and Whiter by SteveoMc

If you would like to have cleaner, brighter and whiter clothes, especially whites, try using less detergent, you might be surprised.

Other hints to help whiten dingy or yellowed whites:

  • Wash whites separately and use detergent sparingly.
  • Try the old fashioned remedy, add bluing. You can still get bluing and guess what? Blue+Yellow=White. It really works, and don’t over do it, read the directions and follow them closely unless you would like to have blues instead of whites.

                                              Add some blue!                                                  

Blue + Yellow = White
  • Some detergents have brighteners and dry bleach. Give one of those a try.
  • Liquid bleach may be the answer, caution, it is very strong indeed and caustic. Too much of this stuff could ruin your clothes.
  • Another old fashioned idea: hang your whites in the sun to dry, the sun can bleach the whites and it gives them a freshness you can’t believe. Ultra violet radiation from the sun can disinfect, break down stains, and whiten dingy whites. Perfect for diapers. You might want to throw them in the dryer for a few minutes after line drying to soften them up.

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