How To Get Melted Crayons Out Of Clothes And Your Dryer by crazyhorsesghost

Anyone with children is sure to experience a dryer full of melted crayons all over the clothing in the dryer and quite often all over the inside of the dryer. And you probably threw away the clothing and scrubbed and scrubbed to get the melted crayons out of your dryer but you didn’t have to. Their is a solution to this problem of melted crayons in the dryer.

1. To remove the crayon marks from the inside of your dryer your going to need a couple of soft cotton rags and your going to want to wet the rags with WD40. You will see that the crayon mess will easily come out of the dryer with the cotton rags soaked with the WD40. Once you have the crayon mess cleaned up out of the dryer wash over the area you just cleaned up with the WD40 with warm soapy water. This will prevent the smell of WD40 from getting into clothes when you dry them in the dryer.

2. In order to remove the crayon stains from the clothes I suggest you run 4-6 inches of water in your bathtub and take the crayon stained clothing to the bathtub. Once you are there you’ll want to spray the crayon stains with WD40. Put the clothing into the bathtub and the crayon stains will come out of the clothing in just a few minutes.

3. If you have tough stains spray those with WD40 again and scrub the crayon stain with a fabric brush and then soak again. Those crayon stains should come right out.

4. If the clothes are really stained start out with a tub of the hottest water you have available and let the WD40 sprayed clothing soak in the hot water filled tub until the water cools enough for you to be able to work with the clothing.

5. Once you have most of the crayon stains out you’ll want to wash the clothing. To remove the WD40 smell and the rest of the stains use your regular washing powders or liquid and add a cup of white vinegar to the wash. Let the clothing soak for 30 minutes before you allow the machine to go through the wash cycle.

Your clothes and dryer should now be free from crayon stains. WD40 works and works great and every time I have ever used it to remove crayon stains it takes the stains out. It’s really amazing what WD40 will do.

Just be sure to wash your dryer drum out with warm soapy water once you have removed the crayon stains with the WD40. If you don’t the smell of the WD40 will get into the clothing in the next dryer of clothes you dry.

The vinegar will remove the smell of the WD40 from your clothing and in case you don’t know white vinegar is a great fabric softener. If you have a window in your bathroom open it while the clothes are soaking in the WD40 or turn on your bathroom exhaust fan to help get rid of the smell of the WD40.


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