How To Fully Optimize Your Laundry Room With Storage Ideas By: Danny Gains

Whether you have a large home or a small one, the laundry room always seems to be a place where you need more storage space. Between laundry detergents, stain removers, bleach, and beyond, its a place where you always find yourself needing more space to keep things. It can even become a place where household things that don’t have a home come to be put away. So, maximize your laundry room space with some revolutionary storage products! Gain the ability to hide those ugly cleaning products, or create space to put things that are cluttering up your coffee table. Go ahead and think outside the drawer with these creative optimizing storage ideas.

Washing Machine Wire Shelf

It might seem obvious, but most people dont think to utilize the space above their major appliances for storage. Take advantage of your unused space with a Washing Machine Wire Shelf. This shelf is light, durable, and able to hold your normal size containers of detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets and more! The Washing Machine Wire Shelf conveniently mounts to the top of your washing machine so you dont even have to put any holes in your wall. This convenient shelf is even coated with a protecting layer of paint so that it wont scratch your beautiful appliance. So create some space in your laundry room today with the Washing Machine Wire Shelf.

Over the Door Iron Board Holder

Have you ever watched an old movie and seen a character pull the ironing board magically out from the wall? Seems like something convenient, fun and cozy! But, we dont see that in modern homes these days. So, turn your laundry room into a movie from the 1920s with the Over the Door Iron Board Holder. This heavy steal rack hangs on the back of the door to your laundry room so you dont have to take up closet (or even floor!) space for your ironing board. Is your door in an inconvenient place for ironing? This rack is easily mounted to a wall as well. For your ironing convenience, the Over the Door Iron Board Holder also stores your iron and has two spots for cans of ironing assisting products. So, bring a little charm and convenience to your laundry room with this wonderful rack.

Set of Five Hanging Clips

You have an absolutely stellar state of the art drying machine. It powers through loads of laundry more efficiently than you could ever imagine. But, what about those beloved pieces of clothing that just arent able to be loved by your dryer? You need to let them air dry. But how do you do that in a simple way that is easy on the eye? You dont have room for a drying rack in your tiny laundry room. Plus, laundry stands are unsightly! This Set of Five Hanging Clips is just the right solution! Give yourself the ability to hang things when you need to, but not have to keep a big huge rack taking up all your space when you dont need it. The no-slip teeth will keep the items from slipping out but the rubber grip will prevent them from putting holes into fabric. So, complete your drying revolution with the Set of Five Hanging Clips.

Chrome Commercial Laundry Butler

Do you have more laundry room space than you know what to do with? Well, those of us who are small space livers are envious. But, having more space than you need can be a problem too. What are you going to do when you need to take wet laundry out of your washer and into your dryer on the other side of the room? Well, let your butler take care of it for you. Your Chrome Commercial Laundry Butler, that is! The ultimate laundry accessory, this storage and transportation piece will transform your laundering experience! It has a basket, and wheels so you can move your wet laundry from one appliance to the other without dropping it on the floor and getting it dirty all over again. It also boasts a hanging bar at the top which allows you hang clothes that need to be air dried. So, transform your laundry room with your very own butler today!

Wicker between Washer Dryer Drawers

Who knew that the space between your appliances could you utilized for storage? Well, store your cleaning supplies and make it look good with the Wicker between Washer Dryer Drawers. These narrow wicker drawers fit in between your washer and your dryer and conveniently hold everything you need to do your laundry. The drawers have handles and slide smoothly between your appliances while the cabinet stays right in place. With a wicker pattern on the face of the drawers, you’ll always be in style! So organize and modernize with these drawers.

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