How to do your laundry more quickly by Kate Owen

Recent research has shown that every year mums spend a week per child doing laundry. Obviously washing clothes is a vital part of life which unfortunately will only increase as your family grows but wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could substantially decrease the amount of time you spend doing laundry every week?
Research shows that by the time your child reaches its 18th birthday on average a mother will have spent five months doing laundry. The statistics were compiled by Ecozone in a survey of 4,400 mums.
The survey found that on average mothers spend two hours and 36 minutes per week per child doing laundry and with an extra 55minutes doing ironing this adds up to a mammoth 183 hours per year, per child! This equates to more than a week of laundry every year per child. For families with four children you could be spending up to a month every year sorting, folding and ironing. Just think of the fun you could be having instead of doing laundry.
In order to decrease the amount of time spent in the laundry room, here are some suggestions on how you can make your life easier and the laundry load go down more quickly:
1. Use anti-crease programmes where possible to reduce ironing – these work in a variety of different ways, from tumbling intermittently at the end of a programme to alternating the direction of the spin to stop clothes being pressed up against the sides. The centrifugal force used in a single direction spin cycle causes fabric to develop deep creases.
2. Retain a little moisture in tumble dried clothes to make ironing easier – this is particularly easy with a sensor tumble dryer as you can choose the dryness level you require. For example, cupboard dry would remove all traces of moisture so you can store clothes straight away without them becoming musty. On the other hand, iron dry means your clothes will retain a little moisture making creases easier to remove.
3. Use a refresh or steam refresh function (like that found on a Samsung Air Refresh WF8702RSW washing machine) on slightly dirty clothes rather than running a full wash cycle – this will save time, energy and money!
4. Use sensor tumble dryer cycles so you don’t over estimate the drying time – sensor tumble dryers are an asset because they allow your machine to judge when the cycle is done and your clothes are dry.
5. And finally, this might be a long shot but…train your kids to sort their own washing so you don’t have to. Make it simple by using one basket for whites and another for coloureds.

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