How To Choose Your Laundry Room Cabinets by Rob

Storage cabinets come in many sizes and styles. In general, cabinets help us in keeping order and organization to our supplies whether in the kitchen, bedroom or laundry area. When shopping for cabinets it is imperative to match the type of cabinet to the supplies that you will be storing in the cabinets and the area where the cabinets will be located.
I’m going to give you some tips and suggestions in this article that should point you in the right direction when looking for storage cabinets for your home – specifically for your laundry room area.
Since your laundry room is generally one of the smallest rooms in your house, it is vital that you find cabinets that will fit adequately and make the most of the space designated for your new laundry cabinetry. You can choose either free-standing or wall cabinets depending on your preference. Just be sure that either will allow enough space to open and close the cabinet doors and obviously enough clearance to safely operate your washer and dryer.
Laundry room cabinets are manufactured using a variety of materials like laminate, melamine, plywood, hardwood and even pressboard. Generally speaking, any solid wood or hardwood cabinets will be the most expensive so if your budget is on the low side, you will most likely opt for the laminates and plywood models.
There are plenty of stores in many price ranges to choose from such as, Home Depot, Lowes, IKEA, and you can even find some quality cabinets used in your local newspaper classifieds or garage sale listings. Another way to find high quality cabinetry on a budget is by going to second hand stores in the nicer areas of your city as some wealthy people will often get rid of their older furniture when remodeling and such just to own the latest and greatest of everything, including cabinets.

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