Hotel Laundry 101 By Clint Jhonson

There is a lot to know about hotel laundry, and the same is true for food service consultants and healthcare management teams. Both hotels and restaurants as service industries provide linen services for customers, and these organizations rely on professional laundry designers as well as food service design consultants with laundry designers as sub-consultants for efficient design and layout of spaces that flow and function properly. Clean laundry is essential for these industries however this is one aspect of most large projects that is considered an afterthought within the overall scope of large facility design. Getting the best industrial laundry design services and advice possible may very well end up saving any business in these industries a great deal of money.

Most hotel laundries wash their linens in hot water, and this cleans and sterilizes the laundry so it is safe to use in the rooms. Various laundry solutions and wash programs must be considered when it comes to washing client personal items or hotel linens, and there are requirements that are necessary for public health. There are further standards that must be maintained with regard to sanitizing these items as well.

The introduction of the use of ozone in the washing process more than a decade ago is still being debated within the industry today. To some, this technology is beneficial and to others it is a waste of money, time, and linen quality and uses far more chemicals in the process. Those looking for solutions for laundry processed in a large hotel or healthcare laundry must consider using methods that are both affordable as well as sterile and therefore should consider a specialist in laundry design and consulting to assist them in making these decisions. A consultant will help with the overall facility design as well as provide advice on a variety of topics to include the overall operation, flow and function. Properly cleaned laundry at the lowest cost possible without compromising quality are all important factors, and using professional consulting services for this type of project can achieve these goals.

In addition to laundry services for the hotel room linens, it is also important to consider other services from the guest’s standpoint. Most guests prefer to have the option of valet service during their hotel stay, so it makes sense for any hotel to provide this service at some level. Many guests may have garments pressed during a stay, while others may want all of their personal laundry cleaned and pressed.A laundry consultant can design this function into an adequate space or improve the current process, all the while enhancing the possibilities of potentially becoming a profit center for the hotel while providing the guests with a desired service.

Food service design consultants have a need for a specialist in this area of design as well. Food and beverage linens must be cleaned in a way that sterilizes these items as well. This means that food service establishments that require clean linens should ensure that their linens are washed in a facility with a process that meets industry standards without excessive wear and tear or frequent replacement costs. New linens can be expensive, and are a necessity in the food service industry. Using a professional consulting and design firm that understands food and beverage linens as well as their specific laundry requirements can improve the end results.

A laundry consultant offering full laundry design services can offer assistance and professional advice for hotels, hospitals, and other businesses involved in the food service design industry as well as architects, developers and interior designers. Given the growing “green” industry focus, a good laundry consultant and design firm will not only save time and money, but will also put your business in a positive light for your client.


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