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There are high efficiency detergent manufactured by some of the detergent manufacturers. These detergents are especially high efficiency washing machines. Scroll down to know about this detergent.

Detergents came into use after the World War II. They were made as an alternative to washing soaps. They are known to cut through grease and dirt easily as opposed to the previously available soap. The detergents are also said to be effective in areas, which have hard water. They can be used for laundry, dish washing as well as for different surfaces. When one talks about the laundry detergents, there are two types of laundry detergents, namely high efficiency detergents and conventional detergents. Most of us have been using the conventional detergents, however, some of the new washing machines demand the use of high efficiency detergents. Let’s find out what are these detergents.

What is an High Efficiency Detergent?

There are a number of washing machine manufacturers, who recommend the use of high efficiency detergent for the front load washers. These detergents are also known as HE detergents. If you have bought a new washer and the use of HE detergent is recommended, then it is best to use it itself. These detergents are concentrated detergents used for laundry. They are low sudsing. They seem to be beneficial for washers, which use little water, but are highly efficient. It is not recommended that you alternate between the conventional and the high efficient detergents. Likewise they should also not be confused. If the detergents are used together, the suds present often confuse the washer and cause delay. At the same time the laundry will not be rinsed properly. If the washer demands the use of high efficiency detergents, then only such detergents should be used. One should not use this detergent in regular washer either. It will not only harm the washer, but it will also not wash the clothes as desired. The advantage of using the highly efficient detergent is that the clothes are cleaned thoroughly. There is no residue, which clings to the clothes.

High Efficiency Detergent Brands

There are numerous brands that manufacture this detergent available in the market. You can read the reviews of different brands to find out, which among them is the best. The difference in the various detergents is based on the laundry detergent ingredients. The apart from the conventional ingredients, the detergents can also have brighteners, dyes, enzymes, fabric softener and/or fragrance. The high efficiency detergent for babies are the ones, which are not harsh, else they can cause laundry detergent allergy to the babies. Having said that we will see, which are the famous HE detergent brands.

  • All Small & Mighty
  • All Small & Mighty Free
  • Allen’s Naturally
  • Bi-O-Kleen Premium Plus
  • Caldrea
  • Charlie’s Soap
  • Country Save
  • Dropps Liquid Laundry Pacs
  • Earth Friendly Ultra Ecos Lavender
  • ECOS Free & Clear
  • ECOS with Soy Fabric Softener
  • Ecover
  • Maggie Soap Nuts
  • Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Biodegradable Detergent
  • Mountain Green Baby
  • Mountain Green Citrus
  • Mountain Green Free & Clear
  • Persil Megaperls Sensitiv
  • Planet Ultra
  • Publix
  • Rockin’ Green
  • SA8 Sensitive
  • SA8 with BioQuest
  • SensiClean
  • Seventh Generation Free and Clear Natural 2x Concentrated
  • Shaklee Fresh
  • Sport Wash
  • Sun and Earth
  • Sunlight Ultra Sensitive Skin
  • Tide Free
  • Tide High Efficiency Laundry Detergent
  • Wide Dual Action
  • Wisk 2x
  • Woolite

The best HE detergent is the one recommended by the washer manufacturing company. The front load washer reviews will prove to be useful for you to know, which is the high efficiency detergent for your washer. If you see any signs of allergy, then it is better to speak to your health care professional about the same. At the same time, you will have to change your detergent as well.

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