Going Green: Laundry Tips, Green Commutes and Uv Air Purifiers

Going green isn’t very hard. For example, here is a great green laundry tip – start with not using laundry detergent. My family and friends started to use a machine called a LaundryPure by Ecoquest to get clothes clean. This works great by eliminating the need for laundry detergent by utilizing silver ions and UV water purifier technology.

Now instead of buying laundry detergent, we buy laundry equipment such as replacement UV bulbs and silver ion probes. The return on investment is great because we not only don’t have to buy detergent any longer but it only uses cold water for every cycle. We recouped our investment in the machine in about a year and a half.

We also use a UV air purifier in our home to keep our indoor air quality fresh. Mother earth is hurting and so are our lungs. According to the EPA (from a study in 1987), “the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) ranked indoor air pollution fourth in cancer risk among the 13 top environmental problems analyzed.”

Everybody is exposed to a variety of risks to our health as we go about our everyday lives. Whether driving in cars, flying in planes, participating in recreational activities, we are all being exposed to environmental pollutants and all pose varying degrees of risk. Many of these risks are unavoidable, yet some risks we simply choose to accept because we don’t want to impede our lifestyles. Other risks we might decide to avoid if we had the opportunity to make informed choices. Indoor air pollution is one risk that you can do something about.

Why wait until earth day or someone to market green products to take some time and make some changes. There are many ways to go green besides the typical recycling stance. We recycle everything we can, don’t get me wrong. But take this as an example, I work from home so I have a “green commute.” I already gave a great laundry tip. Also, using a UV air purifier or water purifier can do wonders. And Learning about air contaminants and how they effect our health. Or how about, reviewing the growing media coverage on the results of poor air quality to gain a better understanding of our planets ailments and how you can help. And finally, seeing how our breakthrough technology can improve the quality of the air you breathe.

There are many sources to relieve the affects of these harmful risks. For example, according to Ecoquest, with over 5 million air purifiers sold and a 98% satisfaction rating, Fresh Air by EcoQuest is the safest, most sought after air purifier in the world. In fact, our Fresh Air technology has been given the exclusive “Certified In Space” distinction by the NASA associated Space Foundation.

Freshmenz Enterprises offers UV air purifers, laundry products, UV water purifiers, laundry tips, healthy living technologies and green products, please visit: http://www.freshmenz.com “Breathing air is not optional, unfortunately breathing clean air is.”

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