Give More To Your Laundromat Customers With Satellite Internet

Doing laundry at a Laundromat can be an inconvenience for many reasons. One way to make the experience better for your customers is to provide small forms of entertainment, such as music, magazines, and satellite internet. It will make their time go by faster and ensure that they continue to return to your business.

If someone has an automatic washing machine and dryer in their home they are considered to be very lucky. They can do laundry right in their own house by putting a load in and walking away to continue with their day, and returning whenever they can to move the clothes to the dryer. Once they put their clothes in the dryer, they can walk away again and come back whenever they have time to take the dry clothes out and fold them until they have time to put them away.

If someone does not have an automatic washing machine and dryer in their home, the whole process is a lot more inconvenient. After packing up their dirty clothes in a laundry bag they have to either walk or drive to your Laundromat. Once in your store, they must find an open washing machine that is not being used and make sure that they have enough coins to start the machine. While their clothes are being washed there is not much more to do other than sit and wait. Once their clothes are finished in the washing machine, they have to transfer them to a dryer that is not already in use. Again, they have to wait in the Laundromat for your clothes to finish drying. This whole process takes a lot of time that your clients must set aside in their busy day. There are several things that you can provide to your customers to make their time in your business more enjoyable, and hopefully keep them coming back to your store every time they need to do their laundry.

1.    Music: This seems like a small, trivial thing, but upbeat music can keep your customers in a good mood and make them enjoy their time in your Laundromat. You can easily just play the radio over speakers, or play more specific music on CDs. Music is an instant mood lifter and will keep your clients entertained while they do their laundry.

2.    Magazines & books: A stack of updated magazines will go a long way with your customers. It will give them something to make the time go by a lot faster, and they will definitely appreciate it. A bookshelf of books is also a good idea. You can initiate a book swap, where people can take a book off the shelf if they donate one of their used books. This way the selection stays varied.

3.    Satellite Internet: A satellite internet connection will allow your customers to be productive while doing their laundry. If they know your Laundromat has a satellite broadband connection, they can bring their computer with them and get work done while their clothes are being washed. They can send emails, chat with friends, do work, research, and much more. A satellite internet connection is fast, reliable, and not expensive, so it is the smartest option for you as a business owner. Your client’s time will not be wasted while they are waiting for their clothes to be done in your Laundromat.

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