From dull to dramatic: Quick tips for a laundry room makeover

Gone are the days when the laundry room was tucked in a dark, dusty corner of the basement. Today’s busy families are creating functional, beautiful utility rooms that make doing chores like folding and ironing clothes enjoyable and even relaxing. But if you’re thinking about redoing your space, where do you start? Delta Faucet offers the following tips to help you create a laundry room you’ll relish spending time in.

Think colour

Traditional laundry rooms had bland, white walls and no personality. But how much more relaxing would ironing countless shirts be if the space was serene and inspiring? Patterned wallpaper can hide imperfections and add a bundle of personality. Tiles are ideal for a laundry room – think wet, dirty clothes on the floor – but don’t be afraid to choose something bright and make the floor a focal point. A mosaic tile floor? Why not?

Function is fabulous

Make the most out of your laundry room by building in a work space. Place a countertop over front-loading appliances to make the perfect folding station. Open shelving to house your detergent keeps them close by. Why not add a touch of elegance by storing your most-used items in glass jars, ceramic canisters or baskets?

Savvy storage

The laundry room is a great place to store extra towels, cleaning supplies and paper towels. Built-in cabinets are the ideal solution and can help keep things organized. Affordable open shelves are perfect for a more casual space and keep things at your fingertips. If you are designing your laundry room from scratch, consider building a spot specifically to store a fold-away ironing board when not in use.

Beauty, not boring

No matter what, the laundry room is still a room of utility and a place to get things done. But that doesn’t mean you need to have bland appliances and fixtures. Look for coloured washers and dryers that compliment the colour scheme of your room to become a design focal point. Think outside the box when it comes to your sink: consider a stainless steel finish, an undermount sink, a larger white farmer’s sink or an all-in-one sink that features built-in cabinets. Look for a faucet that will make the water station more functional. Delta’s Linden faucet features a high arc spout as well as pull-out spray head with multi-flow technology allowing you to easily increase the stream to a high flow, so filling large buckets is quick and easy.

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