Folding Laundry By Rutuja Jathar

I think the laundry room is one of the most neglected areas of a house. With scattered clothes on the racks, laundry rooms of most families are actually a dreadful sight for cleanliness worshipers like me. Personally, I hate the sight of a messy house with lack of orderliness. Those disorderly wardrobes, cabinets and laundry racks really annoy me. Well, I am not the only one with this obsession for cleanliness, and there are many others like me. Well, to clean a house you must get rid of the scattered clothes, as they combine most mess that we usually have around our house. A simple solution to do that is to bring home a nice and useful folding laundry basket!

Benefits of Folding Laundry

Folding laundry is a folding container, as we can call it, which helps us to store the laundry clothes in one place. The biggest benefit of the folding laundry is that it saves a lot of space. Because it comes with easy folding features, you can fold it and keep it anywhere, when you don’t need it. These new invention folding baskets are really an advanced version of the regular laundry baskets and hampers. Most folding laundry bags or baskets come in a variety of durable materials like polyester, mesh and/or cotton fabrics, that are easy to fold. Since these bags have flat bottoms, you can easily stack a large number of clothes in it and save a lot of space.

You can keep this folding laundry near the washing machine and drop the to-be-washed clothes into it. This will certainly save the time that you usually require to search for dirty clothes. You can also keep one bag in each room to save time even more. This is not only a great idea for laundry rooms, but it is also a nice idea for the nursery and a kid’s room. Since kids cannot fold their clothes efficiently, they can simply drop the clothes in this bag, when you finally convince them to clean their rooms.

Trends of Folding Laundry

You have plenty of cost-effective options when it comes to baskets. You can find numerous designs and patterns of folding laundry from which you can choose the desired one for your house. You can opt for circular or square shaped collapsible laundry bags that are made of mesh, spiral collapsible laundry bags or you can also buy one of those pop up and portable laundry baskets. Some laundry bags also come with steel or wooden rods at sides. You can fold these laundry bags and keep them aside. If it suits your choice, you can also bring home wicker folding laundry bags.

You can also opt for those carts which are always convenient for bigger houses. The newly invented basket patterns are made of flexible rubber and plastic. These sort of bags come with handles so you can fill them up and carry them with you. There are also these easy to assemble linen boxes, which you can fold and keep in a cabinet till the time you need them. Some bags also come with lids, which are a convenient option for storing the clothes on a long term basis.

You can also make your own bag with the same method in which you make a plastic bag holder. The efficiency of your folding laundry basket is useless until you store the clothes in a proper manner. Fold all the cloths as neatly as possible so that the laundry bag doesn’t look out of shape, after you fill it with clothes.

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