Easy Ways to Save in the Laundry

Every household struggles with balancing a budget where the cost of goods one regularly purchases keeps going up while the household income does not increase, or in some cases, is reduced.

A new, effective and safe way of doing the laundry that is getting rave reviews from those who have tried it is the magnetic laundry system. This method washes clothes with the use of magnets, water and the usual washing machine. In effect, the system streamlines the laundry process and saves the consumer some money as a result. Here are some of the ways by which a household’s regular expenses can be reduced with the use of just one product:

* Money Saver Tip #1.

Stop regular purchases of laundry detergent. Magnetic laundry systems rely on the power of magnets to lift off stubborn dirt and grime from soiled clothes. The magnets are reusable and are purchased only once unlike common detergents that are consumed almost daily and need to be perpetually replenished.

* Money Saver Tip #2.

Cut down on energy consumption. Ordinarily, the rinse cycle is used to wash off detergent from the fabric. There is no need to put clothes through a rinse cycle if no detergent has been used. But that’s not all, the magnetic energy is, in most cases, so good at lifting dirt from clothes that using hot water may not be necessary any more. And this means lower energy costs.

* Money Saver Tip #3. Eliminate fabric softeners.

Harsh detergent chemicals leave clothes feeling stiff. By using a magnetic washing system, dirt comes off without using harsh chemicals so that the fabric retains its softness while it is clean.

* Money Saver Tip #4. Promote healthy lungs and skin.

Chemicals from detergents can cause contact dermatitis and lung problems even with proper use. Whats left behind is strong enough to result in blisters or skin rashes when the laundered item comes in contact with the skin. Some detergent chemicals can evaporate and be inhaled. On the other hand, the magnetic laundry systems do not release toxic chemicals into the wash nor into the air. By avoiding toxic chemicals at home, just image the medical bills that you will save on.

* Money Saver Tip #5. Invest in fabric care. Ordinary detergents can harm delicate clothing because its chemicals can alter the natural colors and weaken the fibers of fabrics. After repeated washes with detergents, white fabrics gradually turn yellowish thus making clothes look old. Some of the users of magnetic laundry systems have attested to the effectiveness of the magnets and noticed how old stains gradually disappear after many washes. This is because the magnets lift off dirt instead of coating it with chemicals that make clothes turn yellowish in time. The detergent-free wash clearly prolongs the life of fabrics and makes frequent purchases of clothes unnecessary in the long run.

While an interested user may have to buy magnets that are the basis of magnetic laundry systems (at a price less than $50 dollars), it’s a one-time investment that translates into huge savings for a long time to come. Obviously, is users are getting great bank for their buck.

The Magnetic Laundry Secret is out! Save money by choosing the environmentally friendly option for doing the laundry.

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