Earning Money with a Coin Operated Laundromat

For anyone looking for a money making opportunity that involves little or no technical expertise and a minimum of capital investment to launch, earning money with a coin operated laundromat may be the answer. It is one of those rare business opportunities that can instantly begin to earn money as soon as the doors open for business. The key is to figure out a way to make your laundromat earn money for you with as little of your own time invested in its operation as possible.

The first and most important element of a coin operated laundromat involves location. You need to be somewhere people need your services. That is precisely why you see so many coin operated laundromats near low income neighborhoods, apartment buildings, and student dormitories. The proper location is the surest way to guarantee that your laundromat gets off to a good business start and continues to earn money for you for years to come.

The most difficult aspect of running your own laundromat involves the setup costs – both in terms of acquiring the premises and purchasing the equipment your customers will be using. Most experts advise a short lease for any new business, and the renting of washers and dryers. You may want to consider purchasing the equipment at a later date, but few laundromats take that approach. After all, once you buy them, you are responsible for maintenance.

There are a host of other ideas that you can incorporate into your laundromat business, including candy and soda machines, video games, and coin-operated internet access. The advantage of a coin operated laundromat is that you basically have a captive audience that will be happy to spend money on almost anything that you sell to them.

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