Dry Cleaning Software – Is It For a Small Laundry Business? By Rachit Ahuja

Despite of modernization in technology which has given way to several new gadgets to ease out our lives, the dry cleaning industry is still working in the conventional way. However, there are some of the new soft-wares being developed that are potent enough to answer all dry cleaning industry requirements.These internet Laundry software ever developed should be equipped with user friendly interface that gets people used to in no time. Such software can really help save as many as 550 hours in a year in the life of a Laundry business owner.

From auto recognition of clients and client evaluation to garment tag printing and a host of other features to deal different aspects of dry cleaning business, this internet laundry software must also be packed with a number of features.With our lifestyle getting more complex by the day, it becomes difficult for a dry cleaning store owner to spend some quality time with family. This really makes Cloud based laundry software a business priority as far as dry cleaning industry goes. This internet Laundry software would allow you to keep a tab on all laundry business nitty-gritty without being physically present at the store.

Plus, if you could also assess employee performance, keep checking booking status and perform multiple other functions from any remote location where internet can be accessed, it would change the way industry works. The software should run on client-server model and make use of ‘pay for what you use’ formula. Cloud based laundry software should aim at making work hassle free and cost effective for the laundry business owners. Besides, dry cleaners also need a system that does not require regular up-gradation of software since they do not have enough time on their hands.

The laundry Business industry is in dire need of some transformation where Point of Sale system, employee management, inventory management system and customer management is all taken care of. The industry also needs to have a POS inclusive technology to take care of issuing the receipts to the clients. More like a cash register, this Internet based laundry POS Software should also keep a track of the invoices, revenue, errors and other such information.Software like this one if invented would show a radical approach for managing and operating various aspects of the business, thus transforming the basic work structure of the laundry business.


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