Combined Bathroom and Laundry That’s Workable By Alana M. Gray

In smaller homes and particularly in apartments, oftentimes you don’t have any option but to combine the bathroom and laundry in one area and while it’s really not a priority when there are just one or two people in the household, a combined bathroom and laundry is a good idea in maximizing the little space that you have in your home.

· If you can afford it, you can buy new, modern and smaller appliances that can fit into your small area but if your budget won’t allow it, a good trick is knowing how to hide your appliances- you can hide your appliances in such a way that you can have a cupboard that looks like a linen cupboard so you can place your top load washing machine and also your dryer on the wall or if you don’t have a dryer, a hanging rack on the wall will be a big help. That way it’s all nice, strategically concealed and organized.

· Know how to sort out your storage. Your bathroom necessities should be kept in clean, well- organized containers. Of course, you don’t want everything messy and sitting out everywhere. There should be a place for everything and everything in their proper place; no clutter, no misplaced items and it’ll be easy for you to look for the things you need.

· You can also have a wet area by carefully selecting your basin or sink that will go well with your combine bathroom and laundry. You can choose a deep basin and use that for hand washing or have a small hand basin and then maybe you can have a trough as well if you still have the space.

· Consider buying bathroom fixtures that are space- friendly without compromising the desirability of the room even with limited space. Have a hand shower for hand washing. A shower will allow you to have more space; it’ll give you a little space for movement and flexibility if you don’t have a large spout kind of mixer.

There’s nothing much we can do to a small space but maximizing every inch of space will make a lot of difference to make it more efficient, at the same time will give us less stress. With a little planning, wise use of the available space, and a few tips and tricks, you can have a combined bathroom and laundry that is nice, efficient and workable.

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