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Anybody hold a LG, GE, or Maytag Epic Front loading washer and dryer??
I am going to be purchasing front loaders here soon. Been looking at 3 different brands. LG, GE, and Maytag Epic. Really like the LG model #WM2233HU. Anyway, just wondering if anybody have any of these 3 brands and how they perform.

Anyone enjoy a LG model #WM2233HU Front loading washer?? Or similar?
This model LG is from Home Depot. It is Bahama Blue, and from what I can see, it is pretty much sold just from Home Depot. Anyway, are buying a new washer and dryer, and really approaching this one. Price is decent at the Depot, plus a sale going on…

Anyone enjoy a pic of those soap/shower set things?
I saw this handy little set with places to put soap and shampoo/conditioner and stuff in establish to keep it all together for a shower or soap (It’d relieve a lot when I go out to military camp or something). Unluckily, I’m not able to explain this to my mom…

Anyone enjoy any hints or thinking just about getting the smell of Cat urine out of clothing??
I was about to do laundry and my “loving” cat established the basket of clothes would be perfect for his release, and no issue what soap I use or how much I wash them it still seems to own that faint smell.Any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated. My…

Anyone ever tried Rit dye?
for their clothing? I have a few (mostly cotton) shirts that have faded a bit – they be originally black. I’d like to try and re-dye. Anyone had nouns with this? ~Thanks

Anyone hold any tips on reorganizing my closet?
I share a room w/a 12-year-old sister (I’m 13) and i really want to reorganize our closet. we have a shelf way up top and below that is the pole which clothes on hangers suspend on. on our closet floor we have a laundry basket for dirty clothes, some shoes,…

Anyone hold the LG steam wash gadget?
How does it work exactly? what does it do? Surely the hot steam isnt suitable for some fabrics! Is it any good?

Anyone know a pious vacuum cleaner model that isn’t to pricey but works great? Under 300.?
Looking for something that is good for hearth rug and great on bare floors too. Special features for extra cleaning is a plus. I just don’t enjoy time to shop around.

Anyone know how I can receive dried candle wax past its sell-by date my hearth rug?
and any other carpet stain removing tips would be much appreciated

Anyone know how to find rid of fruit flies or nats!!?
help!! i’ve been going to the farmers souk lately and now i have little flyies everywhere!! i’ve be putting the food away but they are hanging out in the bathroom and within the sink! i clean everyday so it’s not dirty dishes so i can’t figure out what to…

Anyone know how to seize mold stains out of colored clothing?
I made the mistake of storing some of our seasonal clothes in a damp underground room thinking the Rubbermaid container would protect them. Many of the items have mold stains that will not come out. I’ve tried Oxy Clean and Dawn dish liquid. I can’t use Bleach due to…

Anyone know how to seize rid of the urine smell out of a Bissell Spotbot?
I have a bissell spotbot and uses the manual vacuum to take up the dog pee and ten use Natures Miracle to get rid of the pee smell in the runner, but now the spotbot reeks of urine, it’s contained by the hose, in the waste container and coming out…

Anyone know how to verbs REALLY dirty pennies!!?
Hey, i got like 100$ worth of pennies within a bucket, but i have let them sit for in the region of a year. now and they are coverd in this blue mold looking stuff and the dune wont take them unless i clean them or somthing. Any…

Anyone know where on earth I can carry tub towels for lower than $30 online?
I have funds in my paypal I intended to use for tub towels, but I can’t find a site that will accept paypal.

Anyone know where on earth i can download a user booklet for my wash apparatus?
hi does anyone know where i can obtain a user brochure for a servis m6011 front load washing mchine ? cant find one on their website lately a rubbish standard user model that doesnt explain much … thanks

Anyone out here irons in attendance Tee Shirts?
Haha, when i’m free, i do. I like it neat and tidy. How around you?

Anyone own a apposite bearing to rinse a hood?
But I really like this hat…And don’t want it to be ruined. I get it when our schools JV/Varsity teams go to St. Louis for Spring Training. It’s white with red stripes and a red bill. I don’t know if it can go through the washer or…

Anyone own any rushed declutter technique?
I do try to toss one thing out when I bring in something bright and discard anything not used/worn in the past year, but I seem to be to be in a rut and don’t want things to get out of appendage. Paper work starting to pile up. …

Anyone use Melaleuca products? Diamond Brite…?
I am a customer as well as a Marketing Exec II. I absolutely love the Melaleuca procucts, by far the most amazing products I’ve used, it in fact healed my both of boy’s eczema! So, this month, I ordered the Diamond Brite with a moment ago about everything…

Anyone used those unusual ScotchBrite Cook Top cleaner?
This one… Just wondering if it’s worth the money.

Anyway to seize a “set” contained by butter stain out?
So I was at the movies and the butter from the popcorn leaked through the rucksack and onto my shorts. I came home and immediately put sea on the area, some hand soap (all I had) and scrub it and let it sit over night close to that. …

Apartment laundry room nightmares: What is your story?
I don’t even want to tell you what just happen to me and my clothes.

Are apartments allowed to hold the outside junk bin contained by the parking lot subsequent to cars?
The garbage really smells and its like right subsequent to our cars. When people throw big things away like couches and outdated bbq grills it is so easy for that stuff to hit our cars. Are the managers violate some kind of violation code? Shouldn’t the garbages enjoy to be…

Are apartments allowed to own the outside debris bin surrounded by the parking lot subsequent to cars?
The garbage really smells and its like right subsequent to our cars. When people throw big things away like couches and dated bbq grills it is so easy for that stuff to hit our cars. Are the managers violate some kind of violation code? Shouldn’t the garbages hold to be…

Are at hand any correct treatments for urine stains through wood floors.?
it smells really bad and I need to know some category of treatment I could use on it. Its an unfinished wood floor so it soaked through and it seems everything I do does not give a hand.

Are Egyptian cotton towels any worthy?
I bought a set of 6 off a tv shopping channel because they have them at a really good price. I heard they’re soft, but do you entail to wash them first before using them?

Are Kirby vaccums really worth the money?
This past weekend Kirby salemen made their rounds on our block. The gave free cleanings contained by hopes of selling their vaccums. We passed. But our neighbor next door bought one. Ready for this? $1,150.00! No money down either and $45.00 a month starting surrounded by September. Vaccum financing. LOL….

Are modern store bought sheets verbs?
Just got a new place and a exotic bed set… I have to go out to do laundry… When I buy a set of bed sheets or pillow cases from the store can I assume they are verbs and okay to sleep on fresh out of the…

Are my clothes risk-free after using Zoflora within my wash tool, it be mouldy smelling.?
After a separation, my wife had left clothes surrounded by the washer dryer for 3 months. The washer smelt of mould.Run hot washes with bleach and also soda crystals.Also used 50ml of Zoflora lavender too. The contrivance now smells of the disinfectant.Just wondering if it is safe to clean my…

Are nearby any places that verbs the interior of RVs?
My husband and I were recently given a 15-year-old RV. The RV itself is within really good shape (it was solely used once a year for 8 years and sat dormant in the backyard the remaining 7 years). However, I can’t go and get over the fact this

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