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Are parts still available for ripened electrolux vacuums?
I want to know if you can still get bags, belts, filter etc. for those old metal electrolux cannister-style vacuums. Please no “check on eBay” answers. I’m looking to find out if a repair shop or retailer may carry them. I prefer to hear from someone who owns one…

Are soap bubbles worthless?
I remember someone once telling me that the bubbles in everyday soap or detergents, contained by everything from dishwashing detergent, handsoap, etc. is put there by the manufacturer and are a short time ago for appearances. He said that a long time ago soap companies realized housewives think sopa beside…

Are soap bubbles worthless?
I remember someone once telling me that the bubbles in everyday soap or detergents, contained by everything from dishwashing detergent, handsoap, etc. is put there by the manufacturer and are purely for appearances. He said that a long time ago soap companies realized housewives think sopa beside “suds” or bubbles…

Are sprays for bed bugs treacherous for strength?
I have bed bugs. Before going to a professional, I am thinking of spraying the room myself. I bought Rentokil Insectrol. Has anyone used it? Is it efficient? Is it awfully dangerous for my health and how should I use it (e.g. should I spray the matress, should I…

Are their any vacuum steam cleaners on the marketplace worth recommend?
I’m looking to buy one, but don’t see any quality reviews, so let’s see what the yahoosers say.

Are touch hose pipes verbs?
like from the kitchen sink in example, when river runs through the pipes is it still clean? what about adjectives the underground pipes?

Are you a clean person? ( Survey)?
Are you a clean person, or a messy disaster? –PLEASE answer in full sentences and tell me your reason! 1. When you go to the bathroom, and use the last bit of toilet paper, do you put a new roll on? 2. When someone is…

Are you a in order freak?
If you are, what is the weirdest thing that you’ve cleaned, and how often do you do it?

Are you sunny near your front loading washer & dryer?
I want to buy those new fabulous front loading washer & dryers. Are they worth the money? I do laundry pretty much every day – so my washer & dryer are hugely important to me.

Aren’t some clothes mechanism washable even if it say dry verbs single?
if i know what the articles are made from, can’t i just wash later on a delicate cycle with cold marine and lay flat to dry. the clothes arent even that expensive.

Arggghhh whats up beside my wash device?
I have a Zanussi washing gadget (couldn’t tell you what model though!) but its started playing up. I did 2 washes this morning at 40 as common, but i’ve just put in another dry-clean & its playing up. Its not completing the cycle (i.e. the washing powder goes contained by…

Arms on hoodie stretched out?
The arms on my favorite hoodie have gotten stretched out, from wearing it way too much I guess. Now when I wear it, my hand are totally lost in it, like it’s too big. It’s a pretty lightweight hoodie. Is in attendance anything I can do besides buy a new…

Ash from charcoeal as pots and pan cleaner?
I find this very intriguing. I wonder if this is true? I know this is a hard one, i guess, because it is a primitive channel of cleaning the bottoms of pots and pans., according to my mom… This is done in provinces within the Philippines, not in the…

Attention Mommies: Your best tips for association for a mommy of 4?
I have four kiddos ages 5 and under, and my house drives me crazy! Any of your best cleaning/organization tips would be great. and also, I already know something like Flylady, but I’m having trouble with her system. Any tips would be great!

Aussie Storm can you back? Top Loader rabble!?
Please tell me how you take apart your F&P top loader. I enjoy cleaned every othe possible place, have done long hot soaks of the drum with bleach and bicarb and immediately have black “flakes” the size of half a five dollar not adjectives over my washing, hellllppppp

Bad fragrant laundry?
i washed my clothes put em in the dryer, and they be still damp, but i figured theyd be dry by the morning, i kept them contained by a plastic garbage bag(bad idea) i woke up, took out my work clothes and a running shirt and put em in the…

Basement hose down?
everytime it rains water get in my basement the when it drys it give my house a stell smell. what can i use for the smell

Bathroom cleaners?
my sisters new bf is a miner so of course the tub/shower get filthy. whats the best kind of cleaner she can get?

Bathroom mess??
ok my bathroom is a mess and i clean it and it just seem to get messy again! is there a product that wroks to maintain you clean and organized? if so can you plz post the website of were i can look and maby buy the product thankfulness!!

Bathtub cleaning?
I have an old claw foot tub that needs cleaning. Everytime I clean it, the dirt eventually shows through, I rent an apartment so, I don’t want to repeat the tub just clean it. Is at hand anyway to clean it so the stains won’t show through,…

Bathtub green?
At my house I have well hose down, and it always turns my tub green after a couple of days.. I have tried dozens of cleaners, and the one and only one that works is Comet powder bleach but I have to scrub for two hours! Does anyone know of…

Battery Acid Ruining Your Clothing?
My husband works in a company where he handle and changes batteries (like boat motor or car) and so moderately frequently he gets battery tart spots onto his clothing… after washing them, holes begin to appear from the bitter. It gets quite expensive buying unusual clothing all the time.. so…

Bed bug solution?
anyone out there used and succeeded in ridding an nouns of bedbugs? I am looking for generic chemical names and not really something you can buy at Wal-Mart, get from Orkin etc. because we don’t own those stores here. I live in Thailand and could probably get DDT…

Bed bugs forcing me to throw out artwork?
I have thirty years’ worth of art, writing and recent collections of art supplies crammed into my apartment. I understand that to win rid of bed bugs requires removal of hiding places they like, and they like quality newspaper. I don’t care about throwing out adjectives my furniture…

Bed bugs!! HELP!?
CAN U GET BED BUGS IF U HAVE A WATERBED? i have a waterbed and i was wondering if bed bugs can survive contained by ur bed if it is a waterbed. spam, rude, or offensive answers will be reported. Thanks for answering, 10 points for best answer!

Bedding Question?
On a platform bed for dorm rooms, do you get a regular mattress or a Mattress Pad? What’s the difference. Also are platform beds expected to hold somewhat of a good bit of weight, if it be a queen size?

Beer smell?
how do i keep the beer smell from soaking in a shirt if i can’t rinse it until monday? our washer is broke so washing it is out of the question.. plus i don’t enjoy time to go the washateria yet. the beer have been there for atleast…

Beige bed sheets turned greenish after one wash beside fluffy brown ones…?
I just washed a hot set of bed sheets (light brown) for the first time. Didn’t think about it and added two pillow covers (beige) of another set beside it. The brown sheets transferred a part or their color to the pillows and those turned a little bit…

Beside tide what is another apt brand of laundry detergent that you can use on sensitive skin.?
l have always used tide but l hold notice now that the bottle own gotten small and they don’t clean my clothes like they use to my husband is allergic to gain detergent. so what else could l use.

Best adjectives purpose bathroom cleanser?
What is the best all purpose bathroom cleanser that cleans porcelain (w/o scratching) and the shower/tub basins and toilets. Good fragrance is earth-shattering. Thank you!

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