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Buying static guard within the UK?
HELP, i have a dress that im wearing to a party within a week and its 100& polyester, its a fancy dress party. When wearing polyester it clings to me and gives me electric shocks ect but as its fancy dress, i pretty much have need of to buy this…

Caked on laundry detergent?
Hello, I have some dried caked on laundry detergent stuck to the lid of my washer and agitator. It’s like cement! How do I take it off? thanks! 🙂

Calcium & lime remover for a toilet bowl. Borax and Something for a fasten but cant remember the other product?
You’re supposed to make a paste and consent to it sit for an hour or so. Shown on “how clean is your house”.

Can you shrink a bathing suit?
i found a bikini i like but they only enjoy mm + left im a small is can i shrink it?

Can a 100% cotton preshrunk shirt shrink?
I just bought a shirt and i stretched out the sides of my shirt. It is 100% cotton, preshrunk, size small. I only wore it one time, and wash one time. Can it still shrink and go back to its inspired shape if i wash it again?

Can a clothes dryer be converted from Gas to electric?
I have a maytag dryer that is gas and moving south that requires replacing it near an electric one. I have the impression that selling the gas dryer alone will be more difficult that selling the couple.

Can a dress beside “dry verbs only” ticket be dyed to restore color?
I have a dress with a sticker that says “dry clean only”. I am guessing that someone wash it, because only the lace outer shell faded from hunter green to kind of a bronze color. The trim on the collar and the inner facing slip remained hunter green. Otherwise, it…

Can a innkeeper charge me cleaning tax for wash electrical device?
I have lived a house for a few months. I paid a deposit $600. When I moved contained by the new house I put my detergent in the wrong box, and my innkeeper cleaned it up. I did not realize I made it dirty. At that time, she did…

Can any please abet i enjoy an electric cooker , underneath the elements within the oven in attendance is adjectives on food?
anyone know how i can clean it as when the oven is hot it starts to smoke due to the burnt on food underneath the elements

Can any1 share me the problem i enjoy near my washer. the washer is 12months hoary and it keep pause itself.?
today the clothes were soaking wet when i took them out next to aload of water still in the drum. could it be the pump ? cant find the filter as this 1 doesnt enjoy one . must be built inside.

Can any1 update me a virtuous style to draw from stains bad of white walls?
Can any1 tell me whats a good process to get dirty stains off of white walls is hot heat up water any good for white walls, or I requirement a special product for it thank u guys

Can anybody speak about me any indisputable ways to stop river bugs getting within the house?
There is not a single member of my family that isn’t terrified of water bugs! Can anyone tell me any tried and tested ways of stopping them getting within? Or deterring them?

Can anyone convey me how to launder a spike bed?
I have a twin size feather mattress topper that could use a honest freshening up. I don’t want to have it dry cleaned, as the chemicals bother me. Any reason I couldn’t cart this to a laundry mat and throw it in a washer, then queue dry it?…

Can anyone else relate to my strange situation?
OK, I’ll try to make this short – This AM as I was waiting for my train on an outdoor platform, I notice that the white skirt I was wearing had a huge wan (coffee-like) stain on the front that I didn’t notice when I put it on…

Can anyone give an account me what cleaning products 5 star hotels use?
Can anyone tell me what cleaning products 5 star hotels use? And do they usually use tide, breeze, cheer or one of those regular detergent or they use their special stuff?

Can anyone give an account me what this bug is I save finding contained by my room(pic included)??
I find them usually on my bed, on the curtains, or lying somewhere dead.. how do I get rid of them? where on earth do they come from? I keep cleaning but still find them!!

Can anyone make available me an honest review of the Dyson DC22 animal or the DC25 animal?
I am considering buying one of these cleaners but don’t know if they are really all that good? Also, if I be to purchase one I don’t know whaich to go for, so any honest reviews would be appreciated. Thanks

Can anyone recount me give or take a few stuff color fixer?
Can anyone please tell me about any color fixer availaible surrounded by d market. I have a dyed dupatta which is loosing its color on wash.Please help!!

Can anyone report to me how to get hold of rid of the smell of cigarette smoke surrounded by the house?
my hubby chain smokes as he is not well, and the smell of cigarette smoke reiks surrounded by the house. any help would be appreciated. maybe a particular deodorizer or does vinigar help or anything

Can cornstarch rearrange the trait of a persuaded cloth?
this is ASAP.. for my research proposal.. pls..\ tnx..,,,

Can denim dye be removed from lighter clothes that be adjectives wash together?
I recently made the mistake of washing my denim jeans next to my lighter clothes and now the dye has set surrounded by my clothes. im wondering is there any way to get hold of the dye out of my clothes so they can look how they used to before…

Can i boil underwear to verbs it?
my friend gave me her underwear (i know kinda gross) but i want to wear them…idk if shes has STD’s or anything, lol..idk if i should a short time ago gorget it but i want to see how they look on me ive washed them..can i boil them…

Can I completely sanatize my hardwood floor next to bleach solution and other cleaning question?
I wanted to sanitize my floor and I heard on TV that using a solution of bleach would be the best route, but how much and how much water to dilute it with? And will it be ok on my wooden floor? And when cleaning, should I use this…

Can I construct nouns freshener out of laundry detergent?
I have recently started using ECOS magnolia and Lily laundry detergent. My entire loved ones loves the smell and I was wondering if it is possible to make an nouns freshener with it. I would love for my entire house to have the woozy smell of this. …

Can i do household chores after one month have given birth?
my maid left me and i cant help to see house untidy,can i do everything hosehold chores after a month have given birth?

Can i do my dishes near gooey laundry detergent lacking getting sick or anything?
i am broke and have no dish soap and was wondering if i could use soft laundry detergent safely?

Can i dust metallic chothes within wash device?
Hi i just bought a metallic cloth jacket from next and within is an ink stain on it and i used too much and i want to wash it at home how can i wash it? Can i bath it in washing device its expensive jacket and i dont want…

Can I dye a hip bath mat beside a rubber protection?
My bath mats faded contained by the wash, and I was going to dye them near Rit dye. The package says do not use on cloth with rubber backs close to bath mats. Why not? Has anyone tried it?

Can I freshly affix cloth softener to the outset of the cycle and draw from fresh smelling clothes?
I just don’t have time to run back and check when the machine is surrounded by its last cycle to add it. Does it really be paid a difference?

Can I gross Laundry detergant out of Dr. Bronner Castile Soap and hose?
just wondering if i could do this or do I need to attach More to it? Also I need to know if i could use it in an HE washer

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