Cleaning Franchises- Which Ones Are The Most Profitable And Why

Cleaning franchises became very popular toward the end of the 20th century because more people needed help in their cleaning tasks.  More dads had to be in the office a lot longer and more moms had to get part time jobs to support a growing family.  This phenomenon triggered a sudden surge in demand for cleaning services that eventually lead to the creation of franchises.

All these are relevant to you if you are thinking of starting your own business because of the extremely promising profitability of cleaning franchises both in large cities as well as the smaller suburban areas all around the country.

The question now is which franchises are raking more money than others?

Laundromats and Dry Cleaning Services

One of the most profitable businesses in this field is the Laundromat.  Self service Laundromats as well as those that offer actual washing services has been doing great for the past decade and they have just become more popular now that people have very little time to do their own laundry.

On an average, a self service Laundromat can rake up to six figures each year.  You have to admit, that is a pretty sweet deal considering you will only be putting money and nothing else to start the business.

Not very far behind are dry cleaning services which also have a pretty steady clientele base because there are a lot of people who need their work clothes cleaned and pressed on a regular basis.

The main selling point of cleaning franchises is convenience that they offer to customers.  Very few people would want to do their own laundry for hours when they have the option of getting the task done for a reasonable price.

Truth be told, most families in the cities do include dry cleaning and laundry services in their monthly expense schedule.  This only means that the business you are considering has a very good potential of succeeding considering the fact that is has become a semi-permanent part of a lot of households.

Car Wash Services

People are very particular when it comes to their vehicles, which is why they are willing to spend good money for car maintenance.  This is where car wash services come in.  Most car owners, no matter how much they value their wheels, simply do not have the time or the patience to do their own cleaning so they find others to do it for them.

Car wash centres can earn so much more money not only from washing and waxing cars but also by providing other things such as a mini grocery store where people can get essentials in a hurry.

Most cleaning franchises these days profit not only from providing cleaning services but also from giving customers veritable options.  When you are evaluating a certain franchise, keep in mind that those who go above and beyond client expectations are more likely to succeed that those who provide services only as they are expected to.

Jeremy Gray is a successful entrepreneur and a commercial cleaning business owner. He also owns and maintains, an indispensable resource for anyone looking to start their cleaning franchises.

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