Clean Up Where Your Clothes Get Clean With Laundry Room Storage Tips by Danny Gains

A laundry room naturally attracts clutter and dirt. Lint from the dryer collects on all surfaces, including the machines as well as boxes of detergent and bottles of softener. Damp clothing leaves slick spots when it is piled on the floor. Clean clothing can pick up grime from dirty clothes when there’s little space to store either. The truth is, it’s always easier to clean a space that’s organized. Now, with some helpful laundry room storage tips, you can clean up where your clothes get clean and enjoy the added benefit of cleanliness throughout the house.
Start by organizing those dirty clothes. Don’t allow them to pile up in the middle of the floor of the laundry room or bathroom. Use the Triple Storage Bin with Black Frame and 2.5In Casters. The frame of this unit is made of heavy duty steel, joined by a strong wire frame shelf across the bottom. Three removable bags of mesh hang from the frame, awaiting all the dirty clothes you have to throw at it. You can push this unit around the house, gathering up clothes—the kids will have fun helping you with this chore—then park it next to the washing machine for easy loading. No more damp spots on the floor and no more mixing your colors with your whites. Sort them as you gather them.
Get control of clothes as they go into the washer and as they come out of the dryer with the Commercial Laundry Center. Made of sturdy chrome, this handy unit includes a laundry sorter in the form of three heavy duty canvas bags, plus a hanging garment rack and a top shelf for storing folded garments. Wheels make this unit even handier—you can pick up the dirty clothes from each bedroom and then deliver the clean clothes right back again. This is a sturdy, useful organizer that will help you to keep your laundry area clean and clutter-free from start to finish on laundry day.
Organize your laundry supplies in one convenient place by mounting the Washing Machine Wire Shelf on the back of the washer. It is constructed of vinyl coated steel wire so it is sturdy. It mounts right on top of the back of the washer, helping you to keep everything you need close to hand. No longer will you have to stack boxes of detergent or dryer sheets on the floor beside the machine where you can knock them over, spilling their contents across the floor. This shelf holds standard size bottles of softeners or bleach, too. You’ll appreciate how convenient it is to keep your supplies all together right where you need them most.
Add some style to your laundry room organization when you tuck the Wicker Between Washer Dryer Drawers between your machines. This white unit contains four drawers with a wicker-front design. You can store away your laundry detergent, softener bottles or boxes of sheets, clothes pins or other items in this lovely product. It fits right between your washing machine and the dryer. Tucking away your supplies means that they won’t clutter the top of your machines and they won’t become covered in dryer lint. That means that you’ll be able to tidy up the surfaces of the laundry room quickly and easily with the swipe of a towel. No more wiping down individual containers to remove that unsightly lint. And the room will look so much neater with everything out of sight.
If you prefer to keep your supplies where you can see them, but still don’t want shelves covered in lint at the end of laundry day, the Roll Out Caddy might be your storage unit of choice. This powder coated white steel unit features three shelves and it fits neatly between your washer and dryer. Lint will fall right through the wire, so you can simply roll out the caddy and sweep away the fuzz. Then roll it back into place. And if lint does happen to settle on the wire, it wipes away easily and completely.
The laundry room is often a catch-all place for items that have nothing to do with laundry. If yours becomes cluttered with miscellaneous things like toys, garden tools or shoes, you can quickly clean up that clutter with the Rectangular Storage Container. This sturdy canvas organizer features a lining of water-resistant vinyl. That means it is perfect for wet shoes or pool toys. It has handles so once you toss in everything you want to remove from the area, you can pick it up and carry it wherever you want it to. It makes a great recycling container, too. Just toss in plastic bottles, newspapers and boxes—whatever you want to collect, this hefty container can handle it.
Keeping your laundry room clean and tidy becomes so much easier when you have the right organizers. And that means your laundry day chores won’t be quite so tedious.

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