Choosing Laundry Washers by Todd Smooth

When you get a laundry washer, you will be getting one of the longest lasting appliances in your home. The type of laundry washer you choose will have a big influence in your energy bills. So carefully select which laundry washer you want to purchase based on how often you wash your clothes, what type of laundry you do and what your space constraints are. Consider the following tips to help you in choosing the right laundry washer for your needs.
First you want to consider a front-load versus a top-load washer. Each washer has specific features that you need to keep in mind when choosing which laundry washer works for your needs.
A front load washer allows you to stack your appliances in order to save room. A front load spins faster, which makes it easier to extract water to save you both money and energy since you can dry your clothes quicker. A front load washer is gentler on your clothing. However, front load machines require a special detergent, which cost a little more and can be a little difficult to find in stores. Front load washes also cost about thirty to forty percent more than top load machines. Although since front load washers use less water they can save you money on utility bills as well.
With a top load washer, you have a larger choice of models, colors and features since they are still the main appliance manufactured by companies. The initial costs of top load washers are cheaper, but they don’t save as much in energy costs. Top load washers give you easier access and can use everyday detergent. However, a top load washer can’t be stacked so they will take up more room.
You will likely choose a laundry washer based on the specific features you need. Each manufacturer has different names for these features so it is important that you do your research first. When choosing a laundry washers consider the following features.
First, you want to consider the capacity. Always use the cubic foot measurement in order to compare capacity since all “extra large” washers can be different. For those who live in apartments with limited space it may be a good idea to consider stackable units. Make sure you match the capacity of your washer to that of your dryer.
Next, consider the cycles offered by the unit. Most models include permanent press, delicate and extra soak or extra rinse cycles. You should choose a model that provides you with the cycles you need in order to properly care for your clothes.
Another thing to consider is the noise level. This is important if the unit is going to be in the living area of your home. Along with this, you also want to determine the safety of your unit. Most models come with a lock function that prevents the doors from opening while the unit is in operation.

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