Child may lose vision after laundry detergent pod explodes in face BY: ROZ ZURKO

Laundry pods, those little plastic bag-like squares that hold laundry detergent, might make doing the wash easier, but the danger they pose for small children is making headline news today. “Fox and Friends” Monday morning reports that a toddler is at risk for losing his vision in one eye after he got a hold of one of these laundry pods.

The laundry pods are colorful and appealing to a child, so their wondering hands might be enticed to pick them up. A child in Vancouver who recently grabbed one of these laundry pods had it explode in his face when he squeezed it. Now that child may lose the sight in one eye.

Little Cartyr Jones grabbed a laundry pod while he was in the laundry room with his mother. She had just turned around for a second when her son had grabbed the pod and squeezed it. The liquid inside the laundry pod was covering Cartyr’s face. She wiped his face and rushed him to the local hospital.

While at the hospital for five hours, Cartyr slept and the medical personal never looked at his eyes.

According to Fox News 12 Oregon, the toddler didn’t open his eyes for six days and when the mother brought him to an eye specialist who did flush his eyes out, the doctor found that this 21 month-old child had 20 percent chemical burns in his right eye and 80 percent in his left eye. The child could lose his vision in his left eye, the one with the most damage.

Video: Check out the video above that cautions against children getting poisoned from one of these laundry pods.

Laundry detergent pod explodes in toddler’s face after he squeezed it.

He may lose sight in one eye from chemical burns.

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“The pods may be more dangerous than regular detergent because they are highly concentrated,” reports Shana Kusin, M.D., an Oregon Poison Center toxicologist. This isn’t the first time she’s seen a child brought into the emergency room after mistaking a laundry pod for a toy. Dr. Kusin advises parents:

“To call the poison control center immediately if their child has an accident and ingests the liquid or gets it in their eyes. She said it is especially important to bring the product packaging with you to the emergency room so doctors can look at the ingredient list.”

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