Chemicals That Makeup Laundry Detergents

We hear a lot about how toxic emissions need to be reduced if we are to reduce the harm they can cause to people and the environment. The good thing is that we are each in a position to make some changes in our daily lives that will make up for the harm we have already done to the earth.

A lot of these products in our everyday lives have harmful chemical ingredients. In some cases these are listed clearly, but few of us are able to discern the truth from the scientific jargon. In others, the list of ingredients is very unclear.

Either way, some of these chemicals can affect us, our families, and the environment in very negative ways.

Laundry detergent is one such product that often times contains vague information on its list of ingredients. The residues left behind are potentially harmful as well. Even if your clothes may seem very fresh and clean, they may actually just be loaded down with harsh toxins.

A list of ingredients found on a common brand of laundry detergent leaves a consumer with a lot of questions. For instance, such ingredients included a buffering agent, stabilizer, brightening agent, and fragrance. This confusing description raises even more questions.

What causes that lovely fragrance? What cleans them?

When a closer look is taken, the list becomes shocking at the harmful chemicals found in such a common product as laundry detergent. As a consumer, it becomes clear that it may be time to take control and use a safer alternative.

When your detergent claims to offer brighter and whiter clothes, you may want to rethink your decision. The “optical brighteners” found on the label of one detergent are actually synthetic, or man-made chemicals. They work by turning ultraviolet wavelengths into visible light that makes clothes appear whiter, yet does not really make them any cleaner.

Some of their bad effects are that they can cause bacterial mutations and are poisonous to fish.

They can also cause allergic reactions to the skin when they are exposed to the sun.

Another common selling feature of laundry detergents is fragrance. A lot say that they leave your clothes “smelling fresher” or “lemon fresh”. The artificial fragrances found in detergents can often be derived from petrol. They can harm the environment because they are not biodegradable. Research has shown that these artificial fragrances can have toxic effects on fish and mammals. More importantly, they can cause skin and eye irritation and allergies.

These detergents may in fact create whiter and better smelling garments, but the harmful price being paid for your family and on the environment is hardly worth it.

Chemical that are petroleum based are often ingredients in common
laundry detergent

. Take a stand for the environment and save money at the same time.

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