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Laundry Rooms: Designs and Decorating Ideas By Parun Pereira

Most times laundry rooms are ignored because they are either located in dingy corners of our homes, basements or just next to the garage. A well-designed laundry room will ensure that it looks neat and spacious, besides adding to the feel of the room. Although designing and decorating depends entirely on the available space, relatively […]

Folding Laundry By Rutuja Jathar

I think the laundry room is one of the most neglected areas of a house. With scattered clothes on the racks, laundry rooms of most families are actually a dreadful sight for cleanliness worshipers like me. Personally, I hate the sight of a messy house with lack of orderliness. Those disorderly wardrobes, cabinets and laundry […]

How Safe is Your Laundry Room? By Wayne Herr

Most homeowners are unaware of the threat that an ill-maintained laundry room poses to their family‚Äôs health and safety. Despite using their laundry room multiple times a week, many homeowners never perform crucial maintenance tasks. One of the biggest risks of a neglected laundry room is the possibility of a fire. Over time your dryer […]

Organizing Your Laundry Room To Save You Time by Tina Gleisner

Do you have a system that you can use to save time when doing laundry? These tips on doing the laundry will help you share laundry tasks with every member of the family, to either eliminate steps or do them more efficiently. Your laundry room might be right next to the kitchen but it seems […]

Staying Organized With Laundry Room Storage Cabinets By: Thomas T. Latimer

As soon as you savor and choose upon your ideal laundry room there will be a thing which you certainly can’t do without. Option addition of laundry room cabinets. You’ll be surprised at the amount of time your loved ones may become spending in such a room after adding these cabinets and for that reason […]

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