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How To Fully Optimize Your Laundry Room With Storage Ideas By: Danny Gains

Whether you have a large home or a small one, the laundry room always seems to be a place where you need more storage space. Between laundry detergents, stain removers, bleach, and beyond, its a place where you always find yourself needing more space to keep things. It can even become a place where household […]

Laundry Room Designs – An Efficiency Wish List For Laundry Day By: Beverly OMalley

Why is it that dingy basement laundry room designs are the norm? Ever since families started doing their own laundry in their own home instead of taking it out to commercial laundries, laundry day chores have been relegated to out of the way places like the basement or the garage. I think that good laundry […]

Eight Steps to Achieving the Perfect Laundry Room BY: CHERYL DANGEL CULLEN

There are few people who enjoy doing the laundry but the task can be made more pleasant with an efficient laundry room that is not only practical, but energizing too. The laundry room is all about the best storage, the layout, and little details – like the right products – that make cleaning clothes less […]

Decorating the Laundry Room – Function Doesn’t Have to Be Boring By Michael Shah

When you think of “laundry room,” a dark, dingy basement may come to mind. Or, a small closet with a washer and dryer hidden next to, or…shudder…IN, the garage. But, these days, laundry rooms are coming out of the closet. They can be decorated, and look just as nice, as the rest of your home. Of course, […]

How to Clean a Laundry Room By Urvashi Pokharna

A laundry room is the place where you get the dirt off your clothes so they can be fresh and clean. But, ironically, most people don’t keep the room clean itself. Why is it that we neglect to clean the place that we use to do our dirty work? Definitely not a good habit. The […]

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